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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
English, 1828 - 1882
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Jane Morris Jane Morris
Pandora Pandora
Beloved Beloved
Dante's Vision Of Rachel And Leah Dante's Vision Of Rachel And Leah
Ecce Ancilla Domini! (The Annunciation) Ecce Ancilla Domini! (The Annunciation)
Fazio's Mistress Fazio's Mistress
Io Sono in Pace Io Sono in Pace
La Ghirlandata La Ghirlandata
Lady Lilith Lady Lilith
Monna Vanna Monna Vanna
Portrait Of Elizabeth Siddal Portrait Of Elizabeth Siddal
Proserpine Proserpine
Regina Cordium Regina Cordium
Self-Portrait Self-Portrait
Sibylla Palmifera Sibylla Palmifera
The Blessed Damozel The Blessed Damozel
The Blue Closet The Blue Closet
The Bower Meadow The Bower Meadow
The Day Dream The Day Dream
Venus Verticordia Venus Verticordia
Elizabeth Siddal Elizabeth Siddal
Dantis Amor Dantis Amor
Astarte Syriaca Astarte Syriaca
Aurea Catena (Portrait Of Mrs. Morris) Aurea Catena (Portrait Of Mrs. Morris)


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