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Mrs. Sarah Jackson 


Good afternoon Bert,

I wanted to thank you for putting together your collection of art galleries and resources! My daughter Katie's Girl Scout troop is currently working on their Arts and Crafts Fun Patch and the art websites on your page helped us a bunch!

Due to COVID-19, her troop has continued to cancel all in person meetings, but we're hoping to resume our regular schedule sometime in May. We're keeping our fingers crossed...the girls really miss each other!

That being said, Katie's troop leader still encouraged us parents to work with our girls at home to ensure we don't fall too far behind! She asked the girls to find some fun, at-home activities for crafting and arts & culture. Your page led us to some great websites to check out, so Katie and I wanted to make sure we thanked you :)

And if it's not too much trouble, I was hoping you could add another link to your page? Katie found this arts and crafts guide which I loved...

I thought other kids/families would get some use out of it while they're stuck at home. Can you add it on here?

I would LOVE to show Katie and her troop leader. It's always nice to get some recognition for a job well done, especially during this difficult year. And I know Katie would be delighted to see she could help other aspiring artists ;)

Our Troop actually has a Zoom call Friday after school, if you get a free moment to include it at some point by then... I would really appreciate it :)

Mrs. Sarah Jackson 
John Die


It'd be nice if there was a date attached to the messages

Bert replies: I will think about it.


Art is to exist ... Thanks
Nina Rojas


Great website! i'd love coming back and discover the new posts. Merry Christmas for you both, your family and lovely pets.
Carmelo Cellucci


Every few years I revisit your site and it never fails to impress or captivate. It is truly a privilege to be able to access your website - it is a real treasure. My compliments.


You appear to be weird and intelligent. And you are an animal lover. I like you.
Tim Huebner


I enjoyed the website.  I have a possible sniglet.  There is probably already one out there for this, but I made my own... Cellaphore The act of waving your cell above your head to get a better signal.
Ron Olsen


enjoyed the selections...
Laurentia McIntosh


Greetings, Bert Christensen - Just a quick message to tell you how much I am enjoying your Cyberspace art gallery of bad art and excellent captions. I teach art history at the University of Wisconsin and I've been laughing out loud all afternoon! Best regards,
L. McIntosh
Leybet Figueroa


Increíble página! Quedé completamente extasiada con la galería de arte, tiene muchísimo contenido, sin embargo, me gustaría que comentaras las obras que cargas al sitio. Saludos.

United States

Interesting that one of your paintings shows a backyard so strikingly similar to ones in the US in that century.
Ellen M Storey

United States

Just read your list of Sniglets, and one of my favorites is not there.  At least I think it's a sniglet.  It's the word "snackage" to describe all types of snacks available.  I use the word all the time and it gets giggles now and then.  How is this word not in the OED by now?  But at the very least should be on a list of sniglets. :-)
Fiorangela Roletti


E' bellissimo il suo cyberspace, Signor Christensen! Da perderci gli occhi.... Complimenti vivissimi e buona continuazione di splendide raccolte. Fiorangela Roletti Cuneo - Italy
Craig Stickler

United States

 I very much enjoyed browsing these pages!
Libera Mente


Your site is a piece of history, for me. I follow you since early 2000. A nice site in html old style. Best regards and good continuation
Joan Snudden

United States

What beautiful images!
Derek Helling


Just re-found your web site after a long absence. Enjoyed the paintings, especially the Russian link. Thanks......Derek


My hubby gives me a hard time re words I use.  There have been some that have shocked him that their actually in the dictionary, I'm thankful there is a place I can put the rest, Sniglets!!!  Example of a recent Sniglet: Crimeanitly - The unexplained craziness of politics, society, drivers, mates, children, etc.  Instead of cursing, I use "For crimeanitly sake" quite often.
Alex finesse


This was a great minute of fun
Marine Chassagne


I live in Paraguay but I am French. Thanks for sourcing nice painting which are updating my s profile everyday! best regards
Kayla Sharp


Hi Bert! Locust bisque was delicious.
Jill Joanides

United States

The End of The Raven is nothing short of a masterpiece and a delight for all cat lovers and Poe fans alike!
Ronwen Guest


Thank you for the Jean Galt painting examples!
Roger A. Brandt

United States

It's interesting to note that people in Canada thought highly enough of JEH MacDonald, to get a Postage stamp put out in his name to honor him and his paintings.

The Netherlands

I love your site.


Thank you for all the work you put into your site. This is definitely one of the sites that makes the internet a better place, because of the sweet art and super humor!! Thank you!
Daniel Lathrop


Very interesting illustrations and images. liked what little I saw.
Iain Picton


So absorbing giving many ideas for painting,thank you


LOVELY Website, Bert! I love you- Big fan!
plak beha

United States

It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I’m happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing
Angie Brisse


I love your site, but it's a heckuva time sink.  After banging around in here for an hour or so, my hound has informed me that it's time for lunch.  So I leave you for now, with my thanks.
Christopher Bouchillon


I enjoy your strange & wonderful site. Thank You For Your Hard Work.
Carol Ramsdell


First heard of Tom Thomson on Murdoch Mysteries. Glad I looked him up!
Eric Downward

United States

Very much like this Bert.  Thank you for all your effort.
Jeff Pounds


  I was really impressed with what I was seeing in your art and drawing. Where do you come up with your ideas? You have a real eye for art and a very open mind to to pull your ideas together. I will be clicking on this site again. Love it!
Sara Militello

United States of America

It's me again!  I have enjoyed your site for I don't know how many years and just purchased an upgraded P.C.  Of course your's is a must to reside among my favorites and for this I cannot thank you enough. Always wishing you the best,

I am Sara Militello in Tampa, Florida
Jeff Tallman

United States

Great site
Bess Mahoney


very odd and amusing site ty!!
Mariken van Zwam

The Netherlands

I love the way you order the universe around you. You know, you could embellish the Pronounciation page by giving clues here and there. Or would that - in your opinion - lower the standard for pronounciation? I am a Dutch speaker and I studied lots of years to get the appropriate level of knowledge in the English language, but yet: during reading out loud your Pronounciation poem I doubted how to pronouce some of the words. It's an awful poem allright. Kudos to you!

As up till now I only wet my toes in your ocean of knowledge, so to speak, you can be assured that I will be back for different topics another time. Keep up the good word!


Found your site today while looking for muskrat recipes. Excellent job! Read everthing on the site. A truly astounding collection. Keep up the good work.
Janina Popescu


Wonderful gallery! Thanks!


I love the paintings in the gallery.
Adrian St. Clair

Great Britain

This is a very nice website :)
Julia Smith


Great Website
Petrus van Lier


Thank you verry verry much.
Ben Somerville

The United States. Of America

Fascinating work
Sandra Johnson

United States

Just trolling around and found these wonderful dogs and cats!  Actually, I am currently reading a book featuring the French Impressionists, one of which was Berthe Morisot - so I became interested in looking at some of her work, and wound up here.  btw, I am owned by a Seal/Bi-Color Ragdoll cat named Hannity1
Joshua Haupt

United States

Awesome cat!
Mark Lucas


captured beauty, exemptlary.
Joyce B

United Kingdom

Love it. Great stuff
Charles Schumann


Great site you have, lots of laughing and lots of interesting "Stuff" :)
Bernard Collins

United Kingdom

Some good stuff here, indeed.
Edy Webb


Enjoyed. Thanks


Dear Bert, By sheer coincidence I found your page.  What a lucky day this is!  Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful, interesting, fascinating pieces.  Looking through your collections is like an eventful journey.  I am sure I will be back here very often.
Danny Foote


The righteousness of the art herein speaks for itself. DF
Rebecca Moss Guyver


Great to visit your site and share some of your interests!
Helen Warlow

Great Britain

Great selection of everything I need to equip me for a life of art appreciation. Thank you. Helen.
Karla Amen

United States of America

Love Love Love
Fred Wissemann


This is a fantastic index of artists. Some very well-known, others no so much. Thanks for doing this.
Jack Cassan


A long-time friend of Elly Elder, Bert's sister, I've enjoyed visiting Bert's website over the years and passing on some of his gems to family and friends.
Betty Jane Covington



Very nice website
Kerri Milam

United States
Patty Jikin


Dear Bert,
Your Kitty Litter Cake was so spot on that you tricked my Kitty into Littering! I added a bit of catnip as a little flare, should have used mint! Keep doing what you're doing, but please add a WARNING, DELICIOUS AND LIFELIKE!!! -

Love Patty Jikin
David Pottinger


Love your site - Found Raphael Shano's painting very interesting. We have one of his originals on our wall for more than 50 years. Thanks - Hamilton, Ontario
David H. Partington


Marvelous site.  What a delightful mixture--and UU jokes!
Lynn M. Kurzava


Love everything!
John Thoeming

Illinois, USA

I needed a laugh, so you know Jack.
Regina Alley

United States

I have visited your website for many years now.  It only gets better.  Well done.
Don Fredericks


Love the Alson S. Clark 1000 Islands paintings.... any for sale?


loved your gallery of a.j. casson paintings

Duncan Archer

Ontario, Canada

An excellent reference tool. Loved your gallery of Lévy-Dhurmer paintings.

Marguerite Hart


I have not laughed so much in a long time! Your comments on the "bad art" had me in stitches! Thank you so much!

Name: flachgründige Küste

City/Country: Germany

Message: Thank you very much for all these inspiring recipes.
The Penis Stew and Lizard Tongues sound delicious to me.
I was quite impressed by the Haggis Poem.

-flachgründige Küste

Name: Michael Valente

City/Country: Chicago, Illinois USA

Message: Great website, thank you

Name: jan weber

City/Country: maastricht / The Netherlands

Message: An absolutely fantastic site ! I am astounded with the large variety of portraits, and the spectrum of styles. What a work to put al of these together ! I do ( try) to paint myself as well, and this is an inspiration. 
I do have a question : " would it be possible to download somewhere larger images of these paintings ? Sometimes it helps enormous to be able to zoom in to see some details. 

Thank you for all this work,

Name: Bob

City/Country: Florida USA

Message: I am a Watercolorist. Your Page give me great inspiration in my continuing endeavor to paint...

Name: Guillermo Lucero

City/Country: US

Message: Love the galleries, good to see that your preferences are similar to mine. Thank you.

Name: Margaret

City/Country: Schererville, Indiana, USA

Message: I could spend hours here but will restrain myself. Restraint needed to get full enjoyment of the delicious humor. The bad/weird art with captions made my day. You have my permission to use any of my stuff. Keep it going. We need a reality check. 
Love the pet stories, cat haiku too. People say animals have no souls so can't go to heaven. I will make an effort to skip heaven in that case which won't be too difficult for me.
My sister and I often fantasize about the perfect dinner party with the perfect guests. Would you like to sit next to Christopher Hitchens?

Name:Dennis Bye

City/Country:North Port Florida

Message:son of Ranulph Bye featured on this site

Name: Gary Barnes

City/Country: Fredericksburg, VA, USA

Message: Bert, I haven't seen all your site, but it is impressive. I was looking for information to update my site (not commercial) and found your place. I was also intrigued to find we are both Unitarian Universalists. 
I am now considering adding another, Art, page to my sites link page.

Gary, Soji, Randy

Name: Bonnie Mansour

City/Country: West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Name:Jane Russell

City/Country:Portland, OR USA

Message:I love the world through your thoughts

Name: Lars

City/Country: USA

Subject: Love your site

Message: You gave me a wonderful laugh. Thanks. Plus, there are a couple I'll try!

This seems right up your alley. :)

Name:Robert Fralic

City/Country:Bridgewater nova scotia

Message:Do paintings myself, I admire tom's work.

Name: Pamela Goers

City/Country: Romulus. MI USA

Message: Saw Mr. Thomson portrayed on the Artful Detective. Very cool!

Name: Gerald Michel

City/Country: Lillooet BC, Canada

Message: Emily Carr sketched our village /church and then did a painting of our church,I believe it is titled"-Lillooet Indian Village-1933"

Name:Lea Taylor

City/Country:Edinburgh, Scotland

Message:Bert, You are a recipe legend in your own lifetime. Thanks for this. Pure dead magic!

Name:Nick Wain


Message:A very useful source of reference.

Name: Maria Perez

City/Country: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Message: HI! I stumbled in here looking for snigglets, and have been reading your site for the last two days!! Totally love it, specially the English pronunciation poem since I'm a English - Spanish Interpreter and a conversational English teacher.

Name: Polly Baker Beste

City/Country: Wind Gap, PA, USA

Message: Hello from the granddaughter of Gertrude Benson Myers, and the daughter of Jane Myers Baker. I have been watching out for an original FWB watercolor or oil painting to purchase. I have one of his brother John's oil paintings, and several FWB etchings. Please let me know if you hear of any coming on the market. Thanks!

Name: Anine Barnard

City/Country: Cape Town, South Africa

Message: A truly remarkable cyber gallery! I have not come across another comparable to yours -
Thank You for your time and effort!

Name: Dorothy Doherty

City/Country: Chicago Illinois USA

Your Email Address:

Message: I have acquired an oil painting by Robert Elliot born in Ireland, British painter. Painting done early 1900s would like to know about this artist, cannot find on Wikepedia etc. Thank you.

Name: Cézal Gloiret

City/Country: Limousin, France

Message: Merci pour cette magnifique palette d'Artistes et d'Oeuvres. 

J'ai toutefois noté une omission : Artemisa Gentileschi ne figure pas dans la liste alphabétique aux côtés de son père Orazio... ? 

Un site aussi riche qu'enrichissant. Merci encore pour son existence.

Name:Frank KOpriver 3

City/Country:Suffolk, Virginia


Good work... better than GOOD ;-)))))))))))))

Name: José Paulo Pereira

City/Country: Faro

Message: Thank you for bringing the museums sites together to one page. Its a handy reference. I haven't seen the rest of the site yet. But thank you for this.

Name: Jimbo McGuffin

City/Country: Texas

Message: I personally had the pleasure of meeting this fine gentleman and I can tell you, he sure was something. a real kind chap y'know? thank y'all so much here for bringing his work the justice that he deserves. such a shame he had ta pass on...

Name: miriam reed

City/Country: usa

Message: Thank you! You devoted a huge amount of time and effort to putting this together. Amazing to find that sort of dedication and generosity when most people want to be paid for the slightest thing they do.

Name: Guillermo Price

City/Country: Monterrey, Mexico

Message: Eric Hobsbawn in book about the XX Century mentioned Magritte's Castle in the Pyreenes, which incited wandering in the etther, which led to your delightful page. What a gift chance sometimes brings! Thank you.


Name: Chris Johnson

City/Country: Los Angeles USA

Message: Happy to see the Martial Raysse

Name: Chansonette

City/Country: Maine, USA

Message: I have just had one brief look at your collection of Berthe Morisot painints.
You have a lot of beautiful work of hers. I wonder why you do not include
more details about the paintings' current locations and other facts about them.
Thanks very much!

Name: World Famous Stevo

City/Country: Goldsboro, North Carolina

Message: I love the recipes. I'll use some of the recipes with my next Road Kill.

Name: Jason Berry

City/Country: Robinson,ILL

Message: Can't wait to try the recipes!

Name: Julliette Carignan

City/Country: Belmont, Massachusetts, USA

Message: Thank you for the massive effort you did to make this inspiration available. As an ardent painter, I've had a major dose of inspiration!

Name: Jim Buckley

City/Country: Gardner, MA

Subject: "Drink for the Drummer" 1899 ---Edouard Charlemont

Message: Bert,

Do you know where I can find information about this painting? Was Charlemont trying to show that he could do Dutch?

Your web page is OUTSTANDING, small praise for a Giant ,---how can a site with a dog, a beautiful wife, and a "carpenter incognito" be anything but Great?

Thank you,
Jim Buckley

PS: Yes, I'm a drummer, and drum in said painting is circa. 1620's Dutch--- the type of drum brought to America, in barrels, by english Pilgrims.

Name: James Edward Clark

City/Country: Victoria Bc

Message: great and interesting works I have one that isnt in the section for paintings
could you possibly direct me toward others/

Thank you very much for the opportunity to observe such a great artist.

Name: Zhirou

City/Country: Singapore

Message: Rascal and Blue are so cute! Love 'em! :)

Submitted On: 2014-07-20 10:46:41

Name: MduttVery intr

City/Country: India
Message: felt very interesting and nice while going through the contents.

ubmitted On: 2014-06-27 01:39:03

Name: george

City/Country: waldoboro Me.

Message: love them

Submitted On: 2014-06-12 11:44:51

Name: Helio Bezerra

City/Country: Rio de \Janeiro RJ Brasil

Message: A beautiful site
I liked most tha Paul Klee´s page.

Submitted On: 2014-06-10 17:53:34

Name: Jill Heaven

City/Country: Australia

Message: I just love every painting that I have viewed

Submitted On: 2014-05-20 01:22:50

Name: Steven Porter

City/Country: Palm Springs Ca. USA

Message: I have a Poster of Paul Klee and really like his style

Submitted On: 2014-05-10 12:42:00

Name: Mike Bray

City/Country: Uk near Brighton Sussex

Message: Very interesting collection of articles .

Submitted On: 2014-05-09 15:48:40

Name: Courtney D. Williams

City/Country: NY

Message: You never know where you might find treasures...keep your eyes peeled, always! Thanks for sharing!

Submitted On: 2014-05-04 21:42:13



Message: Great site.
Submitted On: 2014-05-02 05:09:15

Name: Janet Montgomery

City/Country: Vilas, NC, USA

Message: Lots of fun and interesting tidbits here. I'll be back!

Submitted On: 2014-04-30 11:29:58

Name: Mark Mortensen

City/Country: Gardendale, Alabama, USA

Message: I enjoy the fine arts menu.

Submitted On: 2014-04-24 13:40:15

Name: ineuw

City/Country: Montreal Canada

Message: Beautiful and eclectic collection.

Submitted On: 2014-04-17 23:09:39

Name: Ron Hoyt

City/Country: Encinitas CA

Message: A Wonderful website and a great source of ideas for my art classes!

Thank you,

Submitted On: 2014-04-04 16:25:59

Name: Peter Maughan

City/Country: UK

Message: What a spread you put before us, Bert. Thank you.

Best wishes - Peter.

Submitted On: 2014-03-18 04:40:53

Name: John Knighton

City/Country: San Leandro, CA, USA

Message: Came here by chance, enjoying your site. And it's nice to learn something about the Unitarian-Universalist world. Oh - and that photo of Patricia Medina - wow.

Submitted On: 2014-03-17 20:47:55

Name: Bernard J Segrave

City/Country: Thailand

Message: i am not a total fan of art - mainly due to ignorance. This site has raised my interest cosiderably - thank you

Submitted On: 2014-03-16 21:08:15

Name: Lacie Hudgins

City/Country: Hogansville GA United States

Submitted On: 2014-03-11 11:07:09

Name: Matteo S.

City/Country: Padova (Italia)

Message: Very nice!

Submitted On:
2014-03-02 18:56:07

Name: Lori

City/Country: Tequesta/United States

Message: This is a fabulous collection you have provided.
Thank you.

Submitted On:
2014-03-01 11:38:16

Name: Herman Jan Bosch

City/Country: Utrecht the Netherlands

Message: Splendid works of art
My compliments

Submitted On: 2014-02-28 09:31:14

Name: Jackie TwoSticks

City/Country: Chico, CA USA

Message: Great site. I found you/it looking for James Chapin's "Ruby Green Singing," a painter I had never heard of. Now I have the great pleasure of discovery before me. Keep up the good work.

Submitted On: 2014-02-26 20:20:53

Name: Tiffany Edgecombe

City/Country: Thornhill

Message: What a wonderful idea. Professor Ripley's website brought me here after following the trail to your gorgeous seal-point. I too have a seal-point, Abby. I adore her.

Thank you for sharing.

Name: Kaitlyn L.

City/Country: Hollywood

Message: Great site! I just love it.
Great job!

Kaitlyn L.

Name: Arvid

City/Country: Ottawa/ Canada

Message: Great web site! I enjoy your collection of paintings just as much as your cook book, Great stuff! This will be my company for the time to come. Thanks

Submitted On: 2014-01-29 11:46:44

Name: Deborah Purcell

City/Country: Bedford Corners, NY USA

Message: I discovered van Dongen while passing through Richmond, Virginia, and visiting the Museum of Fine Arts there. His works are an utter delight!

Submitted On: 2014-01-28 15:45:50

Name: Brian Perrie

City/Country: Muir of Ord/Scotland

Message: Yesterday, Monday 27th January 2014, we were in Glasgow to see Jack`s exhibition. All his most famous paintings were present, which surprised me. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would urge everyone to go and see it. It took me five hours to get there, but was still worth the effort. I bought a book of Jack`s paintings, but was surprised to find some paintings represented on this site that were not mentioned in the book. I am looking for prints of two pictures I saw in a shop about seven years ago. " A man standing at a bar looking right" and " A woman standing at a bar looking left" These two pictures obviously go together as a matching pair. The bar is continued through the paintings. Can anyone help with what they were called and where I could get them. Thanking you in advance.

Submitted On: 2014-01-28 09:37:34


Name: Natasha

City/Country: New Hamburg

Message: Absoloutely wonderful

Submitted On: 2014-01-27 10:46:56

Name: suechberreq

City/Country: ponsford minnesota

Message: thank you i enjoyed your pages

Submitted On: 2014-01-23 03:26:09

Name: Jill

City/Country: Kalamazoo

Message: Hi

Submitted On:
2014-01-07 09:18:28

Name: ian macleod

City/Country: Edinburgh

Subject: great art

Message: hi really like your web site ,you seem to like the same art as myself ,thanks have a great year ahead .

Submitted On: 2014-01-15 08:12:32

Name: Elizabeth

City/Country: Lodi calif

Message: I love your website and the art. You're amazing teaching yourself to do websites. Wish I could do that.

Submitted On: 2014-01-12 13:53:53

Name: charles pinkney

City/Country: fargo nd usa

Message: your site is a wonderful discovery, a museum visit from the comfort of home.

Submitted On: 2014-01-09 10:21:54

Name: Dashiell

City/Country: Denver Co. US

Message: Such a surprise, there IS intelligence down here.

Submitted On: 2013-12-30 18:01:23

Name: Ora Johnson

City/Country: Brandon, Mississippi

Message: This is a wonderful way to view art. I love art but I love learning about the artist that way I can enjoy the art to the fullest because it give me the understand of the art piece.

Submitted On: 2013-12-30 01:18:11

Name: Dan Montgomery

City/Country: Kawasaki, Japan

Message: I found your web site ver interesting and the UU intriguing. I would like to know more about it. Are there any UU organizations, activities etc. in the Tokyo are where I live?
Submitted On: 2013-12-27 01:51:08

Name: Judith Humeston

City/Country: Valley Cottage, NY USA

Message: I was looking for a painting by Sean Keating, Aran Fisherman and His Wife (which I did find) when I came across your website. I found it very interesting and quite enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it.

Submitted On: 2013-12-15 22:42:57

Name: Shelley S. Jacobs

City/Country: Barrie, Canada

Message: Thanks for the great view, really enjoyed the Emily Carr gallery!

Name: Lucía Fazzio

City/Country: Montevideo Uruguay

He compartido una imagen de su galería. Espero haberlo hecho bien.

Name: Edwin Samboy Kubrick

City/Country: New york

Message: Great Website ! stoked and like a child to see all these works together and so easy to enjoy! Thank You!

Name: anne farrall doyle

City/Country: UK

Message: Just came across your interesting website where you have included my Jazz player painting, I'm delighted to be included in your eclectic mix of works, fascinating to place so many different approaches & styles, a thought provoking selection.
Also trolled thro' your photos, romantic snow but like your greyhound only go out if absolutely necessary.

Name: David

City/Country: Cambridge, MD USA

Message: Nice site; found it looking for Sniglets and discovered a lot more. Hope it stays a long while. I'll be back!

Name: Brian

City/Country: Troy, NY

Message: Just wanted to thank you Bert for your efforts collecting the art on these pages through the years. A real pick-me-up when I need it.

Name: Geoffrey

City/Country: Miami, FL.

Message: Hello, Bert.

I came across your website about 10 years ago. Being a former IT Engineer, I tend to backup all of my hard drives and hope to one day laugh at the stuff I've saved... your site being one of them, of course, in a respectful way. The Sniglets page is what caught my attention and it's been about a good 7 years since I've visited your site. Keep up the good work and keep it real. Geoffrey

Name: anne farrall doyle

City/Country: UK

Message: Just came across your interesting website where you have included my Jazz player painting, I'm delighted to be included in your eclectic mix of works, fascinating to place so many different approaches & styles, a thought provoking selection.
Also trolled thro' your photos, romantic snow but like your greyhound only go out if absolutely necessary.

Name: Liliana Bombini

City/Country: Buenos Aires - Argentina

Message: Busco una obra, desconozco autor "el angel en la ventana"

Name: kalevi karlsson

City/Country: finland

Message: interesting , but you have not Finish works , only some , we have fantastic
skilful older an yanger artist - and the russian masters works you have nearly at all.
alweys the same names and countries are shown and are collected -perhups
your earth is smaler or not round .- hopper and whisler are my favorite artists ,
but you have meny fine artist - it is good think -good luck and visit also here in finland
and see that the earth is really round but nowadays smal - thank you - kk

Name: John F. Maito

City/Country: Albuquerque,New Mexico U.S.A.


Name: Felipe Ignacio Díaz Aguirre

City/Country: Santiago / Chile

Message: Hermosas todas las pinturas , adoro el arte y sin duda se agradecen este tipo de páginas donde podemos visualizar la gran variedad de estilos y formas de estos grandes artistas.

Name: peggy wholaver

City/Country: tionesta,pa. usa

Message: hope these things are edible

Name: maryam cerqueirapo

City/Country: portugal ( Cascais )

Message: his painting are magnificent and one can feel his presince in his paiting....


City/Country: RICHWOOD, TX. U.S.A.


Name: Madeleine Frank

City/Country:Bridgeort CT USA


Name: Leslie Bittner

City/Country: Pismo Beach Ca 93449

Message: So glad to have to have found your web sight I have been looking for Frank Benson prints even if I can't afford them since I don't know your prices I can at least look at them. Thank You Leslie Bittner

Name: aud

City/Country: norway

Message: Thank you my friend for sharing whats allready out there without charge...

Name: karen Neill

City/Country: UK

Message: I stumbled on your site tonight, when looking at Fleur Deakins work.
Your site is such a treat ! and to see new art (to me ) so many artists work I'd not seen before, thank you !

but you can keep your recipes !

many thanks


Name: Carolyn Hastings

City/Country: Lakewood, Ohio, USA

Message: Thank you for this Web site. What a wonderful gift you have given to art lovers.


Name: David

City/Country: England

Message: What an outstanding collection of art. This has got to be one of the best uses for the worldwide web. I wonder how many people you have reached who would never have otherwise seen these paintings? Nice work.

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Message: Apart from all the nonsense, this is a no nonsense site.

Name: Gordon Bjorkman

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Message: I really love the painting, Älgonquin - October" by Tom Thomson.
It is far, and above the rest!


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Message: I was sooo happy to find that your link still worked!!! Of course I had to check the cats page first!!

I feel like I know the cats already and through their stories, you, Bert and your wife, Louise.

I love this site and now I'm off to look at either recipes or museum links!!!

Love, Ruby

Name: Martin Taylor

City/Country: Australia

Message: Bert, I don't know who you are but if you get the opportunity to convey my gratitude to Jack, please do so. I just love his work and cannot rest each year until I have the latest calendar on my wall.
I don't know whether he (Jack Vettriano) has one yet, whether is planning one or whether he is still painting and wants to wait until he's stopped doing that but I believe that a hardcover book containing his work would be a best seller. The man just has a way of capturing a mood and a moment in the same way that Norman Rockwell used to.
Please pass on this message if you can.

Bert replies,
See: Jack Vettriano's Web Site:

Name: Tom

City/Country: winnipeg

Message: What a fantastic gallery... Love it

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Message: Wonderful site. Thank you for your devotion to art.

Name: H.Willem Heuvel

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Message: Admire your art galleries that I visit over and over again for years at astetch and in which I find lots of inspiration for my amateur painting.Admire your taste and your sense of humor that I sense throughout this wonderful website. may we all enjoy it in pece and good health for a great many years to come.. God Bless.

Name: Abracia Glorn

City/Country: Brooklyn, NY

Message: I don't think this is "bad" art at all . . . I think a lot of it is very creative, different, daring, refreshing. I, for one, am so tired of the hyper-critical, super-pretentious "art" world . . . whose constituents seem to think that they can set the standard for what is considered "good" and "bad" art. This site is marvelous! Keep up the good work, and please be open to new artists.

Name: pete whittier

City/Country: austin texas

Message: Been studying the site for years, most entertaining and fun. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Name: Marie Martin

City/Country: Albemarle, NC

Name: Douglas Gilfillan

City/Country: Laguna Woods, California

Message: I was a student at the children's art program at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art school in the 1950s when Arthur Lismer was teaching there. I won a scholarship to attend the school.

Name: dominique agour

City/Country: jerusalem israel
Message: it is a so amazing gallery thank you so much

Name: You face

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With love,

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Message: Thank you for including Remedios Varo in your gallery. It was a real treat to discover some paintings I had never seen before.

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Message: Hi there,
I wanted to thank you so very much for taking the time to put this amazing website together! I can't imagine the enormity of such a task, and I thank you for the days, weeks, months, and years even perhaps, that this effort must have taken. I love you for it, and will forever be indebted to your kindness. I hope your life if filled with joy, sacred moments, and freedom from the ties that can bind us as humans. Our gifts, that we eventually discover, provide a way for us to do something every day in our lives that not only makes us happy, but is sacred to us. By doing the things we love, and are naturally good at, we can remain true to ourselves, and what makes us truly happy so we can love and inspire others to find in themselves, and to do the same. Your love for art, you have now shared with us, and in turn, inspired us all. I would love it if you had a tumblr account, so I could easily share the paintings to all of those who follow me on tumblr, but I can still share them if I have your permission. Thank you!

Name: Barbara Turner Tigrett

City/Country: Memphis TN USA (born in Quebec City...huge J.E.H McDonald & Emily Carr fan)

Message: Just dipped my big toe in water...exploring your delightful, informative, inspiring website. Looking forward to diving in. Thx for sensibilities and silliness, too.

Name: Joy Blumell

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Message: It looks like you have a lot of fun. I'll be thinking of jellied moose nose when I see the moose in my back yard.

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Message: I enjoyed looking at your art, thanks.

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Message: Thank you so much for the beautiful resources you have collected and are sharing. Wow, it is amazing to be able to look at so many works of art.

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Message: found this site looking for Edward Hopper paintings, it's quite awesome, thanks.

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Message: Hi there Bert - Hits a good spot - be well .

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Message: hey nice shit

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Subject: Owning a Canadian....

Message: LOVED this letter to Dr. Laura. Hilarious and so spot-on! I am keeping it to pass it on to my friends for a long time to come like my daughter passed it to me.


City/Country: TIFTON, GA USA

Message: HI BERT I have been collecting original Mag Covers, ads and story Ills for 30 years. I think I may have on of the largest and most orginized collections of illustration there is, including most of the Sat eve post covers from 1900 - to 1963. Hundreds of albums. Thousands of man hours involved. I truly love my hobby! Your websight is wonderful!!!

Name: Ana Maria Pinto

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Message: I just saw a few paintings, but i could spend the night in this site, dreaming...Thank you very much to make it possible.

Name: Ana
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Message: Hello there. I am doing this of course, to just mention how much I enjoyed your site, especially the humour stuff you did like that little story with the language between men and women and "Things My Mother Taught Me". You present reality in an amusing way and I find it refreshing someone has finally decided to come out with the truth, as weird as it may sound to some. You should make this a bigger thing, it'd be really sucessful.
Keep up the great work.

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Message: n/a

Name: Maurice Dumonstier
Country: Australia
Message: I can only offer you my congratulation for such a good presentation of what is called for good or bad the art world. This website gives access to so many works by various artists at the finger tips that, in my view, as an artist myself,  it delivers better service than the official galeries on the web, no matter how famous they may be. Great work at the service of the public capable to appreciate the true value of what an artwork may represent and give to humanity. Bravo

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Message: I have just spent an enjoyable afternoon viewing this site.
Thank you very much.

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country: South Carolina
subject: your web page
message: Hi Bert,
I have been looking over your website and just wanted you to know that I have enjoyed it. (I'm not done yet, I'll be back :-) Thank you for your efforts to publish it.
I like the weird art, your cat page, (we have cats too) and I have read a little of your blog. We differ politically, however I do agree with some of your points, and not with some others. However ... I could say the same about my wife of 50 years! :-) I hope you have a great weekend.  ~  Jim

Name: Steve Shirley
Country: USA
Message: I found your web site looking for images of granite cliffs on Lake Michigan or Lake Superior for a painting that I am currently working on. I started looking at all the great collection of paintings you have. Spent hours browsing through all the links....the universe works in mysterious ways. Great to meet you.

Name: Steve Shirley
Country: USA
Message: I found your web site looking for images of granite cliffs on Lake Michigan or Lake Superior for a painting that I am currently working on. I started looking at all the great collection of paintings you have. Spent hours browsing through all the links....the universe works in mysterious ways. Great to meet you.

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 Great site, Bert!

Message: Hello BERT,
It is very useful site for the people . i like it very much for its variation in choosing the topics and quality.
thanks to you.,

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Message: This is an amazing website you have. I really love the diversity but especially like the funny stuff. My whole family loves this website and I've shared it with all my friends. Keep it up!
From, Allison

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Message: I love these paintings included in your webpage.  It would be nice to be able to facebook these.  It would do a lot to expose people to the arts.

Name: Laszlo Gyermek
Country: US.
Message: This Work of Yours is fantastic!  Shows how modern, illustrative technology can be mastered to the benefit of hopefully many of us
An amazing collection of huge educational and artistic value. If nothing else the size of your  Guest Book  entries is a proof that your work has been a great success !
As  an amateur, copying artist I was /am particularly enriched by your  collation and presentation of best in visual art.
Heartfelt congratulations
Laszlo Gyermek, MD, PhD.

Name: Lilia Curzi-Dascalova
Country: France
Message: Nice site! Good images.
I am interested by sleep in arts (see the non comercial site, I have only one Van Dongen  "siesta" like. Where is the Reclining woman" you present, please?
Best regards, Lilia Curzi

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Message: Hello Bert, I've found your website very original and interesting. I wish I could do the same but, unfortunately, I have problems with Facebook, too, which is so intuitive and user-friendly...Today I'm in bed with flu but your website is keeping me good company and helping me to feel a little better. Thank you, Piera Sestini 

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Message: Thank you, this is a very  beautiful gallery.

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Message: thank you for posting the paintings

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Message: Well Bert. I've read your biography and quite liked it. It's nice to see another greyhound owner and animal lover who also has an eclectic taste in art. Thank-you so much. I will be returning to your site every so often just for the pleasure it brings on a lazy afternoon. Cheers!

Name: Nancy Kelman
Country: Canada
Message: What an amazing variety of art you have. I thoroughly enjoyed spending this Sunday afternoon browsing through your fine collection. Have you any more Alex Colville's?

Name: Chris C.
Country: United States - NJ
Message: I stumbled upon the English Pronounciation poem and really enjoyed saying it aloud. I even read it twice. It was quite a challenge. I had a little difficulty for a word or two, but all in all it is very amusing

Name: Harold Glenn Durbin
Country: USA
Message: Dec. 1st, 1972, Mary and Harold were married. The following morning we went to an exibit and chose "Deborah Dreaming" by Schoenburg as a representive for our beginings. It was always revered by display in our home as we raised our three children. Yet, as with time it symbolized more then a begining, so when a large wind blew through our doorwall and brought it off it's mounting above our fireplace we were awaken to it's family inity, our member was lost. We are now retired and moved from Michigan to Arizona, but with time we think of it as one we lost, and wished, "if we could ever find another we..." If you know of a large Litho, or print someplace, please advise. Thank you for your site. It is now in our Favorites.
Mary & Harold

Name: Carmelo Cellucci
Country: Richmond Hill, ON Canada
Message: Dear Bert,
 I've had you're site bookmarked for a few a number of years now, and every once in awhile I take the time to peruse your collections and the changes that you make to your site. All I can say is ...Absolutely Amazing! What a treasure your site is! Keep up the wonderful work.
My sincerest compliments,

Name: Kevin O'Peirce
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Message: You have achived so much to keeping this great work alive!
I thank you to no end.

Name: Alan
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Message: Hubble photographs are spectacular!  Linked one of the pics to your site from Facebook.  Loved Buggers on a stick!  Check one of my videos, you may like Marilyn Monroe Mural Mystique.

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Message: I truly appreciate your sharing those extraordinary artworks. Your art collection definitely is a treausre.
Thanks a lot, Bert :)

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Message: I thought I had a lot of french postcards, your dancer section is amazing!

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Message: I do like your collection!

Name: Susannah Colby
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Message: Great Site!

Country: uk
Message: thanks god for a sane person, you may add my art work any time you wish as no matter how many times i try and get it into a gallery i am told my work is not up to the standard they wanted , yet when i see what they have on offer i feel sick, some of it is so bad i have had to stop my self from emailing them and saying wtf is this and you told me my work was terrible , check it out at susandees mystical art works and if it is as bad as i am told please feel free to add as much as you like , i have sold a lot of work i have exhibited a few times and am told my work is amazing by most people unless they are over rated art gallery lol x susan

Name: kier jhondonton
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Message: i want to taste all kinds of food

Name: Art Leaders Gallery
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Art Leaders Gallery
Discover the World of Fine Art

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Country: USA
Message: You are a very happy accident

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Message: My first time on this website.  What a wonderful way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.  As a former Canadian I am so happy to see so many artists from my native land.  Anything by Anne Savage?

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Message: Amazing site and amazing collection of works of art!!

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Message: found this page looking for lyrics to dropkick me JESUS through the goalposts of life.I think it is mahvelous dahling!! more.. more..more

Name: Barbara Boyd
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Name: Jerald Blackstock
Country: Canada
Message: Looking at your art page. There are no credits to the artist. There is no context for the work. Just your comments out of context. perhaps you don't understand surrealism, as that seems to be a lot of what you post.

oh I meant the weird art pages, obviously. anyway its not weird if you know the context.

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Message: Wonderful to find so many of my favourite artists here!  Sorolla y Bastida is a real nice to see the original Spanish names of the paintings!

Name: lisa christian
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Message: fabulous artist !!!   my favourite canvas is lazy hazy days (Jack Vettriano)

Name: D. Hart St. Martin
Country: USA
Message: Came looking for Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott and discovered his Study of a Nymph's Head which I absolutely fell in love with.  Not everyday you get to fall in love.  Thank you.  Going to save your site for later when I have time to browse.  Looks absolutely fascinating.

Name: graeme willsonn
Country: uk

Message: what a lovely collection, fasinating

Name: stephen gardiner
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Message: What an imagination Magritte has ! We need more surrealism of this standard. Don't say tata to dada. Happy painting everyone!
Beast Wishes

Name: Vincent Strohmaier
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Message: I love the site. just found it. I like the different artwork that you find. Keep up the good work.

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Message: Loved loved loved  the bad art captions - thank you for the smile and when it comes to the Northen lights pictures...I am green of envy.

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Name: Michal Cernoevic
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Message: Hello Bert,
without people like you the world would be really a sorrow place.
With kind regards

Name: Frank Mitchell
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Message: Really enjoyed your site, which came up among options for a search of one of Emily Carr's paintings. Keep it up!!

Name: Al Desjardins
Country: Canada
Message: I admire the watercolour & oils of A.J.
Also since we have same birthdates 50 years apart I feel some connection.
I have reproduced a few oils to watercolour sketches of his.

Name: Regina Mcgrath
Country: U.S.A - Palm Springs, Ca

Name: Dan J. Sullivan
Country: CANADA
Message: I gave a lecture on Alex Colville last year at McGill University, actually the McGill Community of Lifelong Learning formerly the McGill Institute of Learning in Retirement.
I bought his biography and used pictures from from Westmount, Quebec Library.
I also had a CD from the National Film Board of canada which I gave to the moderator. She is as read this on her way to the Hermitage in St. Petersberg.

Name: Theo Naidoo
Country: UK via south africa
Message: I am an art teacher in the UK. I think your site is fantastic. Thanks for doing it.

Name: Gary LeDrew
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Message: Great Site
fav first line
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

Name: Roger Mason
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Message: Also China 中国。Greetings to Chris Raible. 老梅

Name: Evelyn Rivera
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Message: Bert,
You have an amazing website!  It's great that you can click on the artist's name and see one of their paintings.  FABULOUS!

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Message: I just love this stuff...

Name: Marie  Enwright
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Message: Just had to let you know how much I enjoy your site.  I have a painting very much like the victorina one which you have posted.  I am searching it hoping to find some answers regarding where is was painted, and when.  Sincerely, Marie

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Message:    Quite a interesting and vast web page

Name: Anne Mette Beckmann
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Message: Bert (hvis du er dansk) saa TAK for denne dejlige site!
Magritte has always been one of my favorite artists!
Merci pour ces beaux tableaux!

Country: INDIA
Message: Impressions that impresed me...felt the touch of great minds...amazing site...

Name: Lee
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Message: I really liked "Dust jacket for The Unfinished Symphony."

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What a wonderful Site..
I really enjoyed all the wonderful Art Works

Betty jane Covington

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Message: Thank you very much for sharing Emily Carr's artwork.  I'm reading Susan Vreeland's book about her.  Thank God for artists!

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Message: Cats and art!    Oh..and dogs too!   Doesn't get better than that! V


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 Message: really great site, found it because I was looking for paintings by Tom Thomson, these are so beautifull! Nice that you have Schiele in here as well. greetings

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Message: Hi Bert.
 You have hands like that of God, all your works of art are beautiful and wonderful, never change so always follow!
  A greeting from Spain.

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Message: Huur van de diensten van een professionele googelaar tegen een betaalbaar tarief. Met fascinerende benodigdheden voor het goochelen is hij zeker een aangename ervaring te bieden.

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Message: Amazing collection, we share very similar tastes and interests.

Name: stan hall
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Message: just found your site had a good look and found it great, as an beginer in oil painting I found it great to see other artist work, thank you and keep up the very good work

Name: Maure Briggs-Carrington
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Message: LOVE your site !

Country: USA
Message: Thank you--lots of enjoyment--SOME, I might even try

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Message: This is a wonderful site, I have truly enjoyed looking at it.

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Message: I am a painter in Toronto and I enjoyed so much perusing all the wonderful art photos you have on site. Thank you so much.
My website is  

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Message: Your site is freekin' Awesome! I'm gonna be visiting a lot now that I found it! Thanks for doing what you do!

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Message: I am doing a homework project and this was so easy to find information and pictures! A big thank-you!

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Message: A friend just told me about your art.  I have enjoyed looking through your artistic endeavors on this site!

Name: Chris Bular
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Message: Thank you for having Sniglets.  Recently I mentioned them to several people and no one knew what I was talking about.  Seriously, I've decided it must have been a regional thing.
I'm not older than dirt for crying out loud!

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Message: Cheers Bert. Great stuff. Surrealism is fantastic.

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Message: Absolutely the Best on the Web.  Thanks for sharing with everyone.

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Thank you!

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I stumble across your website by total accident and was totally interested :) so thanks

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Message: Loved, loved the weird art and captions page!  Thanks for a good belly laugh.  I play sniglets too...there must be more laughter!

Country: UK
Message: A painter friend of mine told to check out A painter by the name of Tom Thomson so found my self on your site very inspiring Thank you Stephen

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Message: Splendidi effetti di luce.

Name: Pere Casanovas
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Message: Thanks Bert for your work and your sensitivity

Name: Kenneth Austin

Name: J. Haswell
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Message: Fascinating, educational website. Thanks Bert

Name: Dennis Jamison
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Message: I found your website very helpful.  I will be able to show my students many wonderful pictures that they would not be able to see any other way.  Thank you.

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Message: I bought the Singing Butler painting and fell in love once I saw it. Amazing work!

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Message: I knew I liked ya when I saw the "Three Bad Boys of the North" polar bear photo and my favorite bookplate on your Sniglets page--then I opened your cats page and saw, gasp, Siamese!!
I'm having fun on your site and will be back often.

Country:  USA

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Message: thanks for the work.

Name: Amr Fatthy Abdeltawab
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I would like to thank you for your wonderful art website. It was a great pleasure to have a tour in your website. I've added your site to my favorite sites
Best regards
Amr F. Abdeltawab
Informatics Manager, Egypt

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Name: Michèle Arrivé
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Message: Je connais ce site depuis quelques années et ne m'en lasse pas . J'y ai découvert Alma Tadema et Lismer qui m'accompagnent  désormais dans mon quotidien. Très belle galerie. Merci !

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Message: Great Site, really enjoy  browsing everything on there, keep going.  Regards

Name: Martin Keely
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Message: Extraordinary site.
An oasis for imagination!

Name: cathy taylor
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Message: found your site through a google image of a paul henry painting. then scrolled through the paintings in your cybergallery. what a wonderful collection!many thanks. just my kind of stuff...cathy

Country: ENGLAND

name: Melanie Peter
country: Gainesville, FL  USA
subject: thank you
message: Thank you, Bert, for creating such a wonderful online art museum. Its variety and scope is amazing and I can see that compiling the images was a labor of love.

Name: Bipolar Bear
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Message: I like that you have a page.

Name: Kristin
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Message: Hey :)
I've found your website by research of Canadian habits and words they are told to pronounce different. So i found your 25 facts about Canada which was really funny because I also knew like 85% of them.
Then I was browsing your website and I also discovered this pronounciation poem - it is really difficult but I gave my best.
I understand this poor frenchman

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Message: Very inspirational.

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Message: Thank you for having this site. I really like the Thomas Wilmer Dewing.

Name: Paul Austin
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Message: Many, many thanks for the most excellent and comprehensive range of paintings I have had the good fortune to find on the 'internet'. Clearly you have spent an enormous amount of time and energy in producing this wonderfully informative site. I am an artist and it is such a great inspiration to me. I feel sure it will stimulate me into producing satisfying and interesting works of my own in the passage of time. Well done! And again, many thanks.
Paul Austin.

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Message: It's delightful to see your art :) just mind blowing

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Message: Lovely site - a real pleasure to wander through the galleries - but where is Stanley Spencer..?

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Name: Donna Underwood
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Message: I enjoy dropping in on your web site. Checked your Weird Art Site and  Art Gallery to see if you have any of my art.  Didnt see my art.  Love the recipes.

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Message: Brill and very usefull. im very jell cuz dis site is well reem wish i cud do dis sorta stuff :)

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Message: Thank you so much love your site very informative and thanks for the info re preparing snails for the table

Country: AMERICA

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Message: Thankyou ! Your web gallery is awesome !
I was looking for a picture to hang on our wall to avoid looking at the TV. Linked off Google images to a Magritte I was looking for the title of. But found a whole catalogue of wonderul images. Lots of research to do. Some Russians and the Canadian group of 7.
Thanks very much for the inspiration.

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 Message: Thank you for the pictures, I love Bonnard

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Name: David Newcombe
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Message: Just returned from Magritte's exhibition: The Pleasure Principle at the Tate gallery in Liverpool - Superb!  Reminded me so much of Mansfield Hall, Reading in 1981. D

Name: James Good
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Message: I love Jack's work, it is a moment in time done so sublely.

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A mí me parece maravillosa.
                Un saludo.

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Message: So glad to have 're-discovered' you great site; I had lost the link to it when my computer crashed a couple of years ago. I somehow remembered Bert and Art and Googled the words and there it was!
Thanks again,

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subject: :D
message: Love this website! Thank you for having it so well-organized.

Name: verity ward - parker
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Message: i have enjoyed researching arstic ,talented and well organised artists and hope oneday i can become a talented artist. i have been known around my school for my drawings ,and complimented quite alot and havee also won awards for my drawing and have a few hanging around the school. thank you for your time sincerly verity ward - parker

Name: David Richter
Country: USA
Message: Wow, what an amazing site!  I could spend hours here and I probably will.
I myself was once a Unitarian Universalist, but they excommunicated me for being too tolerant.  Now I am a pastafarian.
Thanks for a beautiful site.

Name: P. VonHoldt
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Message: interesting--insightful.

Name: Robert Richey Jr
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Message: I happened to be passing by and noticed the art so I spent some time looking around.  Thank you for the experience.

Country: Thailand

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Message: G'day - love the 'Drop Kick me Jesus' song!!!

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Message: I just read a whole book about Berthe Morisot, so I was happy to find some more of her paintings and then I noticed you have photos of paintings by still many other artists. Thanks.

Name: MsGrannyBev
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Message: Googled "Drop Kick Me Jesus" and selected your link.  What A Blessing!  I'm going through a rough patch - emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. In trying to bounce back I read my Bible (sometimes online - lol!), I play songs from my gospel collection (which is extensive - I've played for churches since I was 12yrs old) - I'm 69yrs).  Today (Friday July 27, 2011)  I decided perhaps humor would heal the 'spiritual burn-out'.  It's rough-sledding on the Christianity 'slopes' even for saints like Mother Teresa (deceased).  Ofttimes we have to ask Christ to grab and pull us back into the fold.
Be blessed!
Beverly Humphrey aka MsGrannyBev
Houston, TX USA

Name: sandra greenwood
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Message: Fabulous pictures love them all , have Dance with me till end of love , well a print my all time Favourite ...thank you for allowing me to see these too ...x

Name: Elliott Weinstein
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Message: I love Snapper soup. My grandmother made it after I would catch them. Never paid much atension to how she prepaired it. Now I'm 55 and craveing snapper soup. Thank for the knolage.

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 Message: What a fine family of animals (and people).

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Message: Very informative site

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Message: It is amazing how a UU can assemble such a catholic collection. I'll share with family and friends. Thanks for contributing to the little pleasures in life.

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Message: It's refreshing to see somebody publicly saying what the rest of us are all thinking.   More power to your elbow!

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Name: Dr. Jordan Paul Richman
Country: USA
Message: I am flabbergasted! I felt as if I had died and woke in Paintings's Heaven. How do you do it?
I started a blog about a year ago called
Do you allow other blogs to post your pictures?

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Message: Enjoying your art pics, Bert. I will look around at the rest of the site.

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Message: Great site, i especially like the weird art section.

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Message: Your website is Awesome.  I discovered it because Claudio Bravo died, and I went searching for his art.  Thank you for having so much wonderful art to see and humour to share.

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Message: Aren't these pictures just the greatest thing you have ever seen.
Weirdly wonderful and expectantly unashamed, virtues that wil last forever.

Name: Celeste DeLongchamp
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Name: David R Thatcher
Country: Texas,USA
Message: The paintings are wonderful, much better than I could ever do. I am a sculptor that direct carves and love holes so people that know art compare me to Moore for style, but my wife says early Hepworth. She is correct if comparisons have to be made.
I have been injured so I work little, small and do not show, but the work is for me, if others like it that makes me happy but it has no influence.
Thank you for the wonderful collection of works. I was looking for Lempika to show someone that wants a box for HiFi, actually a very good idea, but I don't know that he will like the results.

Name: susanta
Country: South Africa
Message: wonderful how humor is an art of its own. brillaint

Name: Mary Jane Dick
Country: USA
Message: First I fell in love with The Open Air Breakfast when I saw it at the Toledo Art Museum. In fact we liked the whole concept so dearly that we had a breakfast fence built at our log cabin in northern Michigan. Then I read on the Internet that it was to be shown at the Institute of Art in Chicago and we drove down to be with it once again. William Merritt Chase was a very gifted artist. Our reading about him and finding more and more of his work has enriched our lives.

Name: Ronald J. Blain
Country: ENGLAND, U.K.
Message: I have recently 'found the work of EDWARD SEAGO ~ absolutely wonderful. I wish I had space in my small home, but the many framed prints of GOYA, REMBRANDT, DALI, LOWRY and others preclude me doing so....

Name: navy-vet
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Message: Enjoyed the cats.  We have 2: Buddy and Luke.  They are father and son.  Luke had a sister named Leah because she was mostly white with black ears and spots on the sides of her head like Princess Leah's hair buns in Star Wars; but she developed a tumor and died.  Thank you for your interesting page.

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Message: Had a great time reading your entries-Liked the Older women article the most.

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Is your art on facebook?

No it is not

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Wow! I was amazed to see your collection.  So fabulous.  I was looking for Raoul Dufy and landed on your site--quite serendipitously  for me!   Your efforts are extremely appreciated. Thank you!  

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Message: Love the artwork. Thanks

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Message:  I love his paintings. You have the largest collection I have ever seen. He is my favorite American painter, I also like Charles Wysocki.

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Message: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site. What a great assembly of great work. A great place to come to get inspired the the beauty of art. Thanks for creating this wonderful website!

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thank-you for all your work.

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Warm Wishes,

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Message: Jack Vettriano is one of the most talented painters I have ever known, his work is of a very subtle and seductive manner.

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Message: Marvelous humor & perspective.  Truly unique.  Thank you for sharing your creativity

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may you prosper and grow in all you are amazing

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Message: I was looking for the Painting Son Of Man my magritte. I read a book with that painting mentioned and I did not know of Magritte"s work until I read about her work in the book I was reading. I loved the works of art and will visit this sight again.

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message: thanks for the laughs!!

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Message: Was looking for paintings by Tom Thomson and happened upon your site.  Wow, what a find!  Great art, entertaining and personal too.  Your love of putting it all together is obvious.  I've added it to my favorites list.

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Message: Love "Things My Mother Taught Me"!
I am on my second career as well- from dentistry to textbook (technical) writing. Thanks for the inspiration.

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Message: Nice website, I'm still exploring it.

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Message: I am about to bid on 3 of Mr. AJ CASSON'S prints. They will make a lovely addition to my new home!  

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Message: You've got a brilliant website here and a great sense of humor.

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message: Bonjour!  I stumbled upon your website many years ago, purely by accident. I want to thank you for the hours of  laughter and pleasure it has given me over the years. I don't know if you're still around, but thank you so very much for brightening up some otherwise dreary days. It's still my  very favourite site.
Merci bien,

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Message: I absolutely am amazed by your site, Bert. Where did you find all these wonderful photos, stories, and other such enlightening information? I can hang out on this website for hours and hours, Bert, and I thank you so very much for putting in all the work here.

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Message: loveeeeeeeeee the work

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Message: works of john singer sargent realy inspires me a lot!...i hope to see an actual painting of him someday......

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Message: I discovered your website by sheer happenstance as I was searching for images by the Ashcan Painters. What a delight to find so much of their work and to discover other artists as well. I will come back often.

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Message: beautiful art

Name: Rina Zuniga
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Message: There's a place in Las Vegas which honor Tamara Delempicka exposing some of her paintings.  I liked her paintings and making a search I happened to find your site.  I loved all but the "Calla Lillies" got my heart (my mom's favorite)  Thank you for sharing.

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Message: Great web-site - I stumbled on it browsing around various art-related links, and really enjoyed some of the oddball humorous items I found. Keep up your good work !

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Message: I appreciate the excellent scans of paintings.
May I suggest an index of painters arranged by country and date of birth.

Name: Chainsaw willy
Country: the demon land
Message:   Good stuff! I am known for my wildlife approach to any chunk of wood.F'n sick and twisted or western with my chainsaw. True love. A man and his toy!
  I'm putting together something really disgusting and fun. Look out ozzy, I'm doing  WAR PIGS! Driving a jeep. Outrageous pig skulls. Really horrid skulls laughing/with action bodies. Who get's your vote to drive, and who should have the weapon? Making fun of the truth always gets attention. the more attention a piece of art gets, the more it is worth.
   Good luck with your chickenshit, I like it!

Name: Billy
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Message: thank you for this website and letting me look at it iam a retired truck driver and my wife passed away in 2005 i was looking for Halloween fun things and found this now i look at it a lot THANK YOU

Country: America
Message: Thank you so much for letting me view this wonderous art gallery. i appreciated every moment spent viewing these amazing masterpieces. I hope that this website will go far in life.. but dont worry because i have a strange yet confident feeling that it will. Thanks again, lots of love, jebadiah.
ps, thank you so much, i love you. and thats a fact.

Name: Shirley Harris
Country: Canada

Message: Just listening to interview with Roy MacGregor about his new book, The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thompson & the Woman Who Loved Him---I  love his paintings

Name: Krzysztof
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Message: Milion światów

Name: Richard
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Message: Why can't we have an exhibition of Austrian Succession painting in this country?

Name: The Faceartist
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Message: Hello Bert,
Congratulations on a fine site, sounds like we have a lot in common. Pity it's such long way to our nearest pub. Best wishes, Roger

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Message: I love these recipes,treats and tips! Weirdly wonderful!!!!!!

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Message: Tom Tompson is my favourite artist ever!!!!!!

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Message: your wierd recipes are awesome , my stepdaughter and her man, just recently aquired some calf fries and wanted me to look up a recipe and I stumbled upon your recipe page , and read through them . these are awesome. the halloween recipes and the deserts look very fun.... were did you come up with these . good work . thanks for posting these...

Name: wesley storer
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Message: The sacred isolation depicted in Edward Hopper's paintings represent  a national treasure.  Thanks.

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Message: what an inspiring collection of paintings!

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Here by accident.

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Message: Magritte has been one of my favorite artists since I was a "budding" Hippie in the 60's.......(for obvious reasons).....G.L.E. 3

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Message: I accidently came across Harriet Backer and than I discovered the light of heaven. 

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Message: Great site, Im a big fan of the raven haired beauties,jean simmons,nat,wood,e-taylor,s,hayek,b,shields
Keep up the good work- god bless.

Name: Judith Ingram
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Message: Thank you for all of Tom Thompsons art.  I was in Northern MN this summer and fell in love with his style.  Still looking for Jack Pine which I think I liked the most.  I tried to view it via web at Sivertson Gallery and not able! 

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Message: simply the best.

Name: Kay Gorringe
Message: The art is wonderful I am an artist too Kay

Name: Alva S. Bussey, M.Ed.
Country: United States
Message: Thank goodness someone heard my thoughts. Surrealist painters question the unquestionable. Surrealist painters reach into their souls, and share their imagination with the observer. I thank everyone who painted and paints surreal art. I thank this website for the wisdom to let us see behind the blanket of surrealism.

Name: william
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Message: thanks, bert... wonderful galleries...  excellent choices...

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Message: Loved the drinks, and can't wait for Xmas to try that one, cheers Paul (vagn)

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Didn't see the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Did I just miss it?

Name: Tim Anders
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Message: Love to see that someone has listed Sniglets.  I remember them from the 80’s.  I have always had one. Bumpadodgeit (bump a dodge it) – v.  When changing lanes on the highway and you try to avoid running over the round raised pavement markers (They are called Botts Dots).

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Message: All your kitties are wonderful.
Cats entwine themselves around our hearts! Dogs are lovely as well, but....Cats, ahhh Cats.

Name: Teresa Christmas
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 Message: nice website.  no room for my entire e-mail address though.  thanks for the collection.  I can share it with my elementary school art students

I fixed the email address length.

Name: Gail Meadows
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Message: Enjoyed some of your collection, but can see that I could come back and spend hours browsing... so will stop for now.    Especially love your sense of humor on some written comments (and chosen artwork).   Don't know if this was a labor of love or class assignment, but I am enjoying the variety.... Can't imagine how long it took you to put together.   Thanks!  Gail

Certainly not a class assignment, I haven't been in school since 1955. The site has been done gradually over the past 10 years or so.

Name: Bill Bungard
Country: United States
Message: Last night while playing with my grandson, I recalled a song Drop Kick Me Jesus  that a friend sang for me years ago. I'm glad that memory and "Owen time" led me to your website. I look forward to my next visit.

Name: jeffrey batt
Country: ransomville new york , us
Message: love the recipes, i'm an outdoorsman . and i eat a vareity of critters. just yesterday went frogging . love them beerbatter .had smelt last week . my freezer is full of deer , coon , smelt and filling it with frog legs . good to see this site ty jeff

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Message: Whoa, I stumbled across your site by accident.  My lucky day!  What a hoot!  Enjoyed it too much. Thanks for the laughs and the smashing images.  I liked your cats too!

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Message: Iubesc arta si in speciap Sculptura si Pictura !

Name: jesse james
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Message: im intrested in some of A.Y. Jacksons painting and had to write and essay for school about some of them your site was very helpful to my needs.

Name: Joan Lindsley
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Message: Am interested in some of Bonnard's paintings such as a figure when some of itis painted and then some of the lines just indicate the form but are not filled in with color.  He has one where the top part of the dress is colored in and then a painting line just indicates the bottom of the figure which is not filled in.
Thanks  Also would like more of his stripes and plaids.

Name: Aimal Azad

Country: Pakistan

 Message: i enjoyed visiting this site very much and  for the first time i spend almost 4 hours in this site and it has manythings and i learned manythings too so i pay my thinks to all brothers and sisters who works in this site thanks

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Name: asheya kell
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Message: i love art

Name: Donna Smith
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Message: I've been to her home in Victoria and seen a great deal of her work in the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Visit these two sites if you like her work.

Name: jeannette StGermain
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Message: Being a painter myself, I can see how he loved the colors' seasons. Often artists' work are more appreciated after their life!

Name: chathurika dissanayake
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Message: excellent collection of paintings. this is where i go when ever i want to refresh my mind. wish u all the best. and thanks a lot for making such a lovely site.

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Message: absolutely hilarious collection. where are you from?

Toronto, Canada

Name: william
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Name: Lee
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Message: Hi Bert!  I lost track of your site when i got a new computer...was thinking about it the other day and how AWESOME it is and YOU ARE for putting it together!   The weird and bad art mad me laugh....i've painted a few like that!  Love ya!

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Message: Wonderful site. Best I have seen................

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Message: Hi Bert, Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining website, which I discovered while doing  a search for a turtle soup recipe.  Julie Z

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Name: Enda Fynes
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Message: I am an admirer of Jack Vettrianos works of art.

Name: Jen Frohziegel
Country: USA
Message: The line between good and poor art is very thin. Not all of these pictures are that bad - at least the artists of some have the technical knowhow and the right vision to create interesting work. They try to get the most out of these two journeys. We may not agree or understand their motifs, they are like a lonewolf. But most of your examples are indeed bombs - painful. Why is bad art like an pandemic? Why does it hurt so much to look at bad art?
Bert responds:
The title of the page in question is "Weird, Strange & Just Plain Bad Art Collection." I think that all of the art on that page falls into the parameters of the title.

Name: Gena Nix
Country: USA
Message: I am a member of P.E.O. During our monthly meetings, aside from business, each sister has a program to present. In June, the title of my program is 'What my Mother Taught Me'. Searching for ideas on the internet, I came across your webpage. I really enjoyed reading your ideas! Thanks!

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Message: What a fantastic site.  Loved it all.  Will tell my students about the site because we are studying about the Group of Seven.

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 Message: Love your site.

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It's a loved site to visit.
Many thanks & best whishes!

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Message: I just love the pictures and descriptive r endition of all of you..My name is a meld of my nom de plume AND t he name of my beloved cat,Sherryfur,a tabby who died 8/2/06.She will always be remembered and loved.I still have Mew,her  compatriot and janissary,not to mention her "swatting" post, and Oscar, a brown/beige tabby who I acquired 8/06/06 from owner had to give him up since her son had been diagnosed as being allergic to him. Oscar is a fun,albeit companion for all of us.He is a Sagittarian,born in december 2004.Mew (favorite nicknames having ranged from " Sir Pig,Lord Hog,or King Swine" due to his gustatory proclivities) was born March 24 1994. A true Aries. They're both great companions, Your fellow aleurophile, Sharonsherryfur

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Message: I love Jack Vettriano, I have started a collection of his pictures and would love to be able to have hundreds. Thanks for showing them on your site

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Country: BRAZIL

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Message: Reached your site by fluke clicking on a Jack Vettriano link!  Anyway - delighted - and how refreching...  Never heard of  Unitarian Universalism before but hey - you guys have it in a nutshell and may Unitarian Universalism spread and prosper - I will for sure research further into it and possibly adopt it as the perfect alternative to saying I'm an atheist or agnostic.  You all look so happy!
Love your site - keep up the good work!

Name: Ed Kogan
Country: USA NY
Message: Dear Bert,
 Your gallery is amazing! I was very happy, when I found it by an accident. I was looking for my favorite Matisse and landed on this site. How did you manage to collect so many?
 Thank you, thank you.

Name: lucienne pealey
Country: quebec iles-de-la-madelei
Message: je viens de lire une partie de votre histoire , de votre vie dans le livre de christian tétreault : trois fils et un ange ; ce qui m'a amené sur ce site pour trouver que de merveille , il n'y a pas d'autre mot . BRAVO

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message: I just wanted you to know that I stumbled on your page whilst looking up a book title I'd heard the author being inteviewed about on BBC Radio 4. Since when I have spent  half hour poking my nose around in here. You have made me laugh so loud and so often, I think my husband is under the impression have teetered into the breakdown which has threatened all wee. In fact I am just glorying in another humans bizarre and frank expression of personal foibles. I wanted to send it now because at some point, if  keep looking, this moment may be lost or diluted. For the record, do you think the woman with the teeth has that picture on her wall? Perhaps it's actually flattering! I have to go now. I foresee an afternoon of sudden recollection and fits of giggles. But thank you, for taking the time to help make my day.
Take care

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Visit BAMOO - the Bad Art Museum of Ohio at

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I have frequented your site for many years. It has been such a comfort.  I thank you so very, very much and wish you continued good health . With all best wishes. Madeleine


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Message: Someone just compared some of y paintings to Emily Carr,(unknown painter to me untill now)so I was chorious and I'm looking forward to see....

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Message: Your web page has made me very nostaglic for all the pets I have had the last seventy years (+/-).  Thank you for sharing.

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Message: Terrific visual cyber site Mr. Christenson. I was looking for one of my fav 20th Cen artists, Lebadang.
Regards,        ClaudeP. [aka klaudensnoval]

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Message: Hello from Baltimore, MD USA!  I left you a message on Facebook also... I'm thoroughly enjoying your Cyberspace website and its many facets! I was initially searching for some Klimt pictures, but was delighted to find a plethora of incredible paintings, etc.  Thanks for sharing your love of art with the world! I'll be looking forward to enjoying the site for quite awhile to come!   Many blessings to you and yours!  Evi

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Message: Hi! I just wanted to say you have some awsome paintings on this site and also I found out the name of my print from your site. I have a print by Lawrence Mazzanovich called April Twentith and I have been looking for the name of it for a while. Thank you so much. Dot

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Thanks for sharing:)

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A lot of these paintings are or have been quite innovating when they were made and would be judged as such by anybody with a bit of an eye for beauty. I'm not offended by any means here and there's no arguing taste afteral, but honestly, if a website states unusual and bad art (complete with "funny" remarks) it becomes a bit embarrasing when the quality of the pictures and the lay out is the worse thing on the site.
kind regards

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Message: I enjoyed the Klimt paintings very much. You don't have Klimt's Baby (Cradle), though. That's one of my favorites.

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Message: Saw "Semi-nude woman" on facebook and was really drawn to it.  The person gave me info. on where to look for more.  Liked the tour very much.  I'll make a note of the info. for later use. Thanks!!

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Message: Having just read the novel "The Sea" by John Banville in which he  mentions Pierre Bonnard and desribes a painting of his and curiosity being one of my fortes,in search of Bonnard I came  upon your web page.Thankyou for allowing me to see and appreciate his work.

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Message: Even more evocative than Klimt, Because there seems to be more of a connection with scenes and skies and bodies than with color and forms alone.

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 Message: looking for reproduction  of klimt's   death and life

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Message: my favorite painting is "Preparing for the Matinee."  I saw this at the Indianapolis Museam of Art and wrote a paper about this piece of art for school.   I bought a print of this to keep. 

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Message: I love this website

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Message: I ' Stumbled Upon' your web pages by accident. I particularly enjoyed seeing and reading about your feline friends, past and present. I have a particular fondness for blue cats, my wife and I had one, a girl, named Echo (Typha Distant Echo) a Burmese beauty. She was very adroit at keeping the other cats (and us) in order.
Best wishes to you and thankyou for a lovely site.

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Message: I find your website to be the most comprehensive collection of items that I would have collected myself if I had had the time and diligence. Your site is like an oasis in the jaded dessert of the Web. My compliments!

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What a delicious range of images and moods thereby inspired.  Also, it was great to discover some artists new to me.  I happened upon your website looking for some Magritte images to download for a presentation of all things on cervical spine implants (the group to whom I speak loves visuals that are arty but get the point across).  Thanks for the Golconda.
Tom Hadley

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You are a cool guy, keep up these beatiful work.
Let's keep art alive 24/7.

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by the way my name is alan which means ALL, candido meaning CANDID, pedida means REQUEST , to put it all it means, ALL CANDID REQUEST.

Name: Gisèle Cyr
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Message: J'ai lu le livre de Christian Tétreau, super, quelle histoire. Bravo pour vos oeuvres.

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Message: I  discovered this painter just a few weeks ago ( or ONLY a few weeks ago)  I was having a coffee in a nice house with garden, suddenly, the only thing that caught my  attention and stopped me talking..was the  painting of mister Vettriano.    He moved something in my feelings and "saudade".  He can see what is almost lost , but  also what  still I am

Name: Jay Flores
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Message: Fantastic Illustrations, Timeless Do you have any Maxfield Parrish , or maybe I didn't see them all.....I have enjoyed them for hours....Thank You..............J

Sorry, no Maxfield Parrish

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I really enjoyed the paintings on this website!

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Have a wonderful day!

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Message: Just found your website whilst researching Edward Hopper for a transcription I have to do at college - so glad I found you... Not had much time to look around your site yet but what I have seen so far I an delighted with.  The gallery weblinks look great, I was not aware of a lot of them and I am positive they will be useful for future research.  I am a mature art student living in rural Ireland and I only have a VERY slow internet connection (where I live) 19 kbps so looking at websites can take absolutely ages,,, so can't wait until I am somewhere that there is a broadband connection so I can have a good look. 

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 Message: Always enjoy your place.  Thanks for sharing all the fun and interesting things

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Message: Fantastic site! I'm a student in Leslie's class and sat down at my computer to do some readings, but somehow ended up on your page! There is so much to check out, it is quite entertaining... more so then readings, I'll have to come back to do those later! :S

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Message: The paintings are very beautiful. I came open the site by knowing a friend who lives in Truro, Nova Scotia. His name is John McHeniney and his step niece is going to be the Managing Director of the Tom Thompson gallery

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Message: I just found your site, and it is exactly the type of site I love.
Also retired after 45 years in electronics repairs, I now paint a little, listen to nice music and I take care of my perennial garden.  I will be viewing your site very often Thank you, Yves from Montreal,  Aug/09

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Message: Nice page with humor and a wonderful collection of pieces by many artists with whom I am not familiar but whose style I can really appreciate. (I even checked your source code and found it quite readable.) Am saving your URL for certain for art reference. Many thanks for the work you've put into it, Bert.
John, on the Eastern brow of Lookout Mountain in NW GA watching that beautiful sunrise each morning

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But I did look something different ;)
If U like I send U some 'less' usuall foto's that I have Keep it up grtz

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not sure if i love the dumbest dog or the john west salmon ad the best!!

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Message: I found your website on a search for artwork by Lucien Levy-Dhurmer.  I am so happy to find these pictures!!!!  Where did you find them all?!  Thank you for your wonderful website.
God bless you and your family of people and sweet pets.

Name: Michael A Hinkel
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Message: As a lover of fine art I enjoy your site tremendously.
However; are you sure Leda is by Jean-Michel Moreau and not by Gustave Moreau? (The teacher of Matisse and Roualt)  I checked a couple other sites and they attribute it to Gustave.   And I have a book on Gustave Moreau and am familiar of his style.  
And Jean-Michel was mainly an engraver.
Keep up your good work.

Bert Responds: Thank you, you are correct. I have made the change

Name: Manuel Portela Diaz
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Message: Thanks for giving me and my family the opportunity to admire all these magnificent art in my own home.
Manuel Portela
Buye, Puerto Rico 

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Message: Outstanding collection of art that I hadn't seen before.  Excellent pieces by artists that I either hadn't heard of at all, or who I'd only see a few pieces by. 
Also, nice art from countries that aren't often mentioned for whatever reason - e.g., Canada, Ireland, Australia.
Some nice watercolors by Dufy I hadn't seen before.

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Message: Enjoyed the art and the captions.  I found not one picture offensive......not one!  I don't think you're trying hard enough!

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I'll be sure to do one one day. :) LOL

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 Message: apart from the dali, williams and ryden stuff (shame on you!!!!) the rest of this 'art' was so bad i ate my degree and have now become a plumber.................

Bert responds: Probably a better profession for you

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thank you

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message: I have just spent the last three hours looking at art, and the last few minutes laughing at your choices in humor. I didn't expect to have done this today - but it was delightful. Thank you very much, for i know how much time and effort that you have applied to your website.
I am sure that many thousands have enjoyed this as much as I have....

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You certainly have gone to a great deal of trouble! Thank you!
I will be visiting it frequently as I have lots of interesting facts and stories to share from South Africa.

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Message: I originated a sniglet at the time I learned what they were. It is...
SNUD = the stuff that gets on your windshield after a wet snow and during the spring melt. It is not snow and it is not mud but rather it is indeed...SNUD.

Name: Sandie Witschy

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Message: I hit upon your site as I was looking for art by Pierre Bonnard and ended up traveling all over it since it is very interesting. I'll be back. Sandie

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Message: I came upon you site by accident and loved it. The wide range of art was a joy to page through. Also, most of the artists are not the familiar names you usually run across, so it was an unusual and very satisfying search. There are a good number art works that I would be interested in getting prints of. Can you please tell me where I might find prints for sale.
Thanks much.
Culum Flynn
(Cat lover too)

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Message: The Cullen Gallery
We have found your website extremely useful thank you

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Message: I was researching Alfred Mitchell works trying to identify a "painting" found at a thrift store! It's Sunset Glow and framed. I suppose it's a print...haven't bought it .....yet. It's growing on me!

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I only wish there was more of them out there!
keep the good work up and i'll be back soon. ha

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Just signing in.

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Message: My computer crashed and one of the biggest loses was the bookmark to your site. Thankfully I was able to track it down again because I'd posted it on a discbo. I've spent many an hour looking through it all but I've spent the most time in the Galleries. Thank you for sharing all this.
Name: MJ

Country: United States

Message: Loved the one about Older Women, it's nice that many younger men are starting to appreciate us !
Because I've used up a of the space provided for writing an E-mail earlier, I'm leaving the Cat Quote here !

"Cat People are different to the extent that they generally are not conformists. How could they be with a cat running their lives ? --Louis J. Camuti DVM
Name: Belle

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Name: glenn

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Message: We are experiencing a confluence of church Super Bowl and our church's "Souper Bowl" to raise money for a food pantry.
Name: Tissot Boris

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Message: Hello ! Nous avons bien reconnu là le Munchkin dans toute sa splendeur ! Excellent Munchkin for sale... Bravo !
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Thank you very much for this Web site which can be a source of inspiration and idea in many domain!
Name: coremans georgette

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Message: Je me suis vraiment régalée de voir toutes les oeuvres de Carl . Friseke car c'est le peintre que je préfère sa palette m'enchante littéralement. Etant moi même artiste peintre diplômée des Beaux Arts je peux discerner dans cette palette une harmonie tout à fait vibrante et enchanteresque<<; j'espère un jour voir une toile de ce grand peintre dans un musée c'est mon désir depuis des années. Encore merci pour ces instants de bonheur oh oui que du bonheur.
Name: K-rel

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Message: Not only did I nearly actually completely laugh my A off, I find your site intriguing, if I misspelled I meant interesting. Thanks for making my day I will be back!
Name: tammy bell

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Message: i love it i love to see what people have on their mind through art.
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Message: This site is is a wonderful a wonder and a gift. Thank you...
Name: Janice Pontillas-Duran

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Message: Love the cat page and Matisse paintings. I've only seen Matisse in Hawaii and in San Francisco. It's great that you have it up to share. I work with kids and I think this is a great way to share art when you can't afford to take them to a museum. Thank you!
Name: Jerry

Country: Scotland

Message: beautiful women I love them all
Name: Mary S. Adigun
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Message: Really loved your artwork with one sheet of paper!!!!AMAZING!!!

Bert Responds: these works of art are actually done by Peter Callesen
Name: gareth
Country: England

Message: Hi
I love this kind of art and I say this without irony. It's like noticing that your cat's arse shows a striking likeness to an image of the Virgin Mary by El Greco.

Great site. I must go now as I have promised to make a cheese hedgehog.
Name: James von Brunn
Country: USA
Thanks for the great art.

Name: per-åke karlsson
Country: Sweden

Message: I was on holiday in Oban Scotland 2006 and i was reading a book of Ian rankin. In this book i was just reading about a painting called dancing couple. When I looked around i the room I saw this painting on a wall and I fall directly. What a painter!!! Since then Jack Vetriano's paintings follow me wherever I go

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Bert Responds,
The title of the page is "Weird, Strange & Just Plain Bad Art Collection." The painting is certainly strange, even weird. Furthermore, humour is essential in virtually all things. Michelangelo's David, Whistler's Mother and many many more have had humour attached to them. If this makes me "look somewhat uncultured,"  so be it.
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I live in Kiev, Ukraine. Worked for many years as a professional translator/ interpreter. Now retired.

I enjoyed your work very much and will show the gallery to my daughter who is a professional art historian. Hope she'll enjoy it as well. And to my grand-daughter Maria who is just 9, and goes to an art school. Hope she'll learn fine arts through your gallery in future.

Have a nice weekend, and all the best to you and the family.

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The recipes! I've had the kitty litter cake. Someone br/ought one to work and you should have seen and felt the waves of disapproval directed at the person who br/ought it. I just dug right in-it was just a cake after all. The beaver tail recipe I have seen often in The Joy of Cooking cookbook-older version maybe?
My sister has made the Jell-O hand but I don't remember it floating in swamp soup.
The bad art was wonderful. I especially liked the woman smiling with a lot of teeth-kind of reminded me of my MOTHER!
Loved your animals...Anyway, highly entertaining to me. I was just talking tonight about being a SAP-self amused personality. We all agreed we fit this category. I was very amused for a longtime
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Best wishesGian Carlop.s.
an know the real misure of Corn Poppy/Kees Van Dongen's painting?

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Will ck. out rest of site.

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It is always a pleasure to discover new and interesting blurbs, etc. on the net. Your sense of humour is very well appreciated.            
I did not have time to look at everything this morning, but plan on returning for a visit.            
Was very surprised to see those 1999 snow scenes. I  lived in Hamburg, NY at the time, and do not like to admit it, but was unaware of the scope of that storm you had.              
With best wishes for a continuing success,                                                     
 Lynn Dunphy
Name: michael bailey

Country: USA

Comments:  very weird
Name: Nino Restelli

Country: Milano - Italia

Comments: Caro Bert hai fatto un lavoro splendido, solamente l'amore per amore si possono fare queste cose, complimenti sei stato veramente br/avo.Il Tuo è un insegnamento significativo di come si può vivere amando il prossimo, amando il mondo dell'arte ed il mondo deli Animali, i tuoi gatti sono bellissimi (anche il tuo cane).Buon 2008, cordiali saluti,NinoCIAO
Name: Katherine Killerby

Country: South Africa

Comments: Dear Bert,

Thank you for such a lovely viewing. It is a wonderful site, I enjoyed the American and br/itish artists as I have not seen many work by those nationalities

Regards Kate Killerby
Name: Julie Buckner

Country: USA

Comments: Dear Bert,

I have just spent an evening with a good friend, laughing our heads off at the comments on your website. Your content is priceless. Thank you!

Best regards, Julie Dupre Buckner
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Comments: tutto molto bello vi ringrazio.massimo

Country: MEXICO

Name: Henning

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Comments: Very nice page, gives me hours of smirks and laughter!
Name: simonetta

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Comments: I love these paintings. They make me dream of precious, intimate moments.
Name: Ladyce West

Country: br/AZIL

Comments: I loved your site!  I loved the fact that you have works of art by artists that are not easily found.  I have been very interested in images of women reading.  And here I was able to find several that were unknown to me. 

Thanks!  I will be coming back several times.  It is wonderfully entertaining!

Name: andrew br/iggs

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Country: usa

Comments: I like TO, Unitarians, and still miss Nemo, a retired racer greyhound we lost last year.  It is a real pleasure to use your easy to operate access to art which I am forwarding to other cyber users.

A hobby is collecting items about Time and I live near Durham NC,, USA.

Name: Louis

Country: Montreal, Canada

Comments: This site is great.  The pictures are excellent.   The work of Jean-Louis Courteau presented here is amazing but you should see it "live".  His work of art will br/ing you in a whole new dimension.  Alive, powerful, fresh and insightful are only few of the words one can used to describe his art.    You have to live it to believe it.
Name: Aletta br/iggs

Country: USA

Comments: This is one of the most interesting and entertaining sites I've seen!  My husband sent me your URL.   He and I have spent all morning perusing the various entries. 

He is very excited to find such a large selection of works of art  that are better displayed than most museum sites. 

Thank you for br/ightening my day!
Name: claudia

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Comments: just discovered your great gallery - spent a lovely time "walking" through: I'm sure I'll be visiting again

love claudiaps: and a very happy & prosperous new year to you

Name: Kim

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Comments: What a great site.  The strange art got me here, and now I've been reading and giggling out loud for an hour. 

Thanks - I needed that!  I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me, as they say.

Name: Chelsea

Country: USA

Comments: Weird & different recipes are sweet. and the section weird food literature in there has the 2 spam poems. are awesome i printed those and gave them to my dad for Christmas. he loved them. me and my dad have this little joke about spam so it was a really funny and special thing. so i thank you for helping me br/ing a smile to my dad's face for Christmas. keep br/inging in the funny stuff. :)
Name:  Tony

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Comments:  This is a great gallery, almost feels like real one. I am sure I will come here many times.
Thank you.
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Comments:  Love your site.  Thank you for providing a great place to dream!
Name:  Tricia Bonse

Country:  U.S.A.

Comments:  I love Jack Vettriano's work.  Even more impressive than his bold, humanistic choice of subject matter and unique style is the fact that he is self-taught.  I am also impressed with his ability to be artistic without sacrificing practically.  So what if he's criticized for making a profit during his lifetime, that does not make him any less stellar in my eyes.  Who says everybody has to starve for the sake of their art?  Hasn't the world seen it's share of martyrs yet?  Good for you Jack, I'd kiss you, if I could.

Tricia A. Bonse
Name:  Lynn Steeves

Country:  CANADA

Comments:  Good day to the entire Christensen Family,
This site is extraordinary.  The cats, of course, caught my eye.
My question is have you ever been to the largest Danish Community outside Denmark in New Denmark, New br/unswick, Canada?  They have a celebr/ation every June in honor of the landing in Canada. My ex husband's name is spelled Kristensen and his father was born in Denmark.
Keep up the great site.
Name:  Hristo

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Country:  Bulgaria

Comments:  I really liked your website. Humor and self-deprecation are such rarities today, they need to be appreciated whenever found :) Keep it up this way.
Name:  Margaret Moore


Country:  England

Comments:  I have just purchased a painting by Charles Condor called Women bathing Swanage 1900. Dedicated to a woman called Winifred Thomas 1903 -2005. It says on the back oil on canvas 50.8 x 60 cm. Private collection courtesy Philip Bacon Galleries, br/isbane. Is this a well known painting?
Name:  Mar-Mar

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Comments:  i thought ur website was really kewl!!!!
Name:  Edwing Fiorilo

Country:  BOLIVIA


Wonderful work of pieces of great art; I am traveling inside your web page and I am wonder every moment... Thank you for let us enjoy and feed the spirit and the soul...

Gracias por mostrarnos el arte universal... FELICIDADES!!!

Edwing "Huyustus" Fiorilo
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Comments:  Wonderful to see those artists who are not in the school books
Name:  Chelsea

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Comments:  i love this site i have it on my favorites. the truth and humor section is funny. i love the art work too. anything weird and off the wall is my kinda stuff. you rock Bert!!! i love your kitties too they are adorable. ^_^ 
Name:  coleen brown

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Comments:  What an amazing collection of the world's greatest art! Lots of familiar favorites and lots of welcomed unfamiliar.  Thanks and I look forward to spending much more time on your great site, what an inspiration.
Coko br/own
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