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Running Powerpoint Slide Shows

If you do NOT have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer, you can download a free Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer from HERE
If you DO have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer, follow the directions below for your browser:

Apple, Mac:
Unfortunately there is no free Powerpoint Viewer for Mac that I could find.

However, using Safari, after clicking on the link on the page, the show will run on Keynote if you have it. On Ipad the show will run but the slides have to be moved manually. I do not have Office for Mac so I could not try it on that platform.

Other Browsers and Operating Systems
I do not have Opera or any other operating systems such as Linux or its many variations so you will have to figure out using those on your own.
Testing Parameters
All the testing was done on a Windows 7 machine and a Mac running OS X.
Internet Explorer is version 9.
Google Chrome is version Version 22.0.1229.94 m
Firefox version is 10.0.2
Safari is version 5.1.7