Duck Tape
Duck Tape
Will Bullas
Dog and Cat
Pup and Hydrant

Bert Christensen's
Truth & Humour Collection

Outside of a dog, a book can be your best friend.
Inside of a dog, of course, it's too dark to read.

Signs From Our Travels
Did You Know? (The Size of the Solar System)
A Metric Romance
Kulula Airlines of South Africa
K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah
It's Better to Travel in Groups
Amazing Grace by Moan Collins and the Harlem Boys Choir
Mary Gauthier Sings "Mercy Now"
Joan Baez, Carrickfergus
Diana Krall at The North Seas Jazz Festival
The End of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe's Cat
Inside New York City's Most Secret Basement  
Kathleen Battle & Wynton Marsalis, G. F.Handel, "Let the bright Seraphim"
Allison Moorer, Carrickfergus
China's Glass Bridges
Forty 737s per Month
Walnuts from Australia
Joan Baez & Kris Kristofferson "Hello in There"
K.D. Lang and Grover Washington, Jr. play "Black Coffee" as a tribute to Peggy Lee
China Seen Through a Drone
Then and Now
The Unspoken Dialogue Between Men and Women
World's Largest Model Railway
The Band and Neil Young Play "Helpless"
Sniglets: Words that Should be in the Dictionary but Aren't
K.D. Lang Sings Neil Young's "Helpless"
We Can Move That!
Le Petit Chef
Dubai Poop Trucks
Jogging Companions, "Spot" and "Atlas"
The Unique Architecture of Modern China
English Pronunciation!?!
Ford Model T History
How Engineers Open a Bottle of Wine
Some Novel Ways to Recycle
How to get to Mars
Questions that Haunt Me
How I Got my Dozer Back
AT&T Cell Phone Ads for Several Countries
Carnival Masks from Venice
Estimated Size in the Observable Universe
Quote from Sophia Loren
Wealth Inequality in America
Bridges of China
Vistas of China
Owning a Canadian, Amongst Other Fallacies
Volcano in Iceland
Astonishing Beauty
I Can't Get This Thing to Print
Sublime Photographs  
25 Signs You May be Canadian
Treatments from Our Great Granny's Time
Toyota Ad from Scotland
A Different Kind of Flash Mob
The World at Night
A Single Sheet of Paper
Daliesque Dog and Cat Fight
Cool Art That Will Mess With Your Head
For Sale: One Useless Cat
Awesome & Humbling
Finally, Medical Advice To Live By
Space War
The World's Dumbest Dog
Fast Food Delivery in Africa
Left Brain, Right Brain
Fine Art Cast Paper Sculptures by Allen Eckman
Better than Average Puns
Unitarian Universalist Humour
Abbott and Costello Meet the 21st Century
High Class Put-Downs
Bullshit Bingo
Canadian Imposter
Bad Analogies and Metaphors
A Woman's Brain
Bad Parenting 101
The Long Lake Bear
Business Slogans
So, You Wanna Learn English
H. L. Mencken Quotes
John West Salmon Ad
All Time Dumbest Questions Asked by Banff Park Tourists
Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy
Things to Ponder
Things My Mother Taught Me
Because I Am a Man...
Duck Hunting
How Times Change
A Herd of Sheep??
Scientists Discover New Element
The Evolution of Treatments
Count the Black Dots
Your Daily Moment of Zen
A Wee Peek Under a Scotsman's Kilt....
Alternate Words
Self Confidence
Philosophical Warning Labels
Down Under Idiocy
Could You Pass This Test?
The Church Bulletin
Education Pays
The Storkbroker
The Top 10 Pictures from the Hubble Telescope
Would You Invest in This Company?
Hamlet's Cat's Soliloquy
The Dysfunctional Spiritualist
That's What Haggis Is
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Dress to Kill
Poe Updated
Grendel's Dog, from Beocat
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Management & Employees: Suspicions Confirmed
Teaching Math Through the Decades
A Difficult Explanation
Some Women Worth Quoting
Men: Some Questions Answered
Sayings to Live By...
Puns and Groaners
New Words
Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Become An Evil Overlord
Bill Gates Buys God
Top 16 Mensa Pick-up Lines
In Praise of Older Women
Upgrading GirlFriend
Upgrading BoyFriend
Top 10 Signs You Are Being Stalked By Martha Stewart
The Facts of Life
Computer Religious War
Useless Information (because it must be known)
What Movies Teach Us
50 Fun Things to Do In An Elevator
Snow in New Brunswick
Men Versus Women
50 Actual Headlines
The 25 Shortest Books
Things My Kids Taught Me
Poetry Contest
I'm My Own Grampa
Santa Relocates to Redmond, Washington
Walkin' Round in Women's Underwear
Microsoft Buys the Catholic Church
Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goalposts of Life
Words of Wisdom
Martha Stewart's Holiday Letter
Who is Jack Schitt? The Lineage Revealed
US Air Force Aircraft Bone Yard
Northern Lights Over Yellowknife, NT