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Dish of bugs
Fried Giant Silkworm Pupae
Photo courtesy
Woman eating bugs
bug in a pan
Chef David George Gordon
& Friend
bugs on woman
Bug on lips
A Special Collection of Dishes to Tempt Your Palate
Cat & Kitty Litter Cake
Kitty Litter Cake. See Desserts for Recipe
Jellied Moose Nose
Stuffed Nasturtium Blossoms
James' World's Hottest Wings
Boogers on a Stick
Cow Udder Éclairs
Fried Bugs
Slug Fritters
Frog Croquettes
Coyote Droppings
Crudites With Vomit Vinaigrette
Rootworm Beetle Dip
Pumpernickel Pus Lumps
Pickled Pigs' Ears
Lizard Tongues On Crackers
Fried Giant Silkworm Pupae
Pate Twinkie a l'Orange avec frisée et fourchette

Locust Bisque
Turtle Soup
Sopi Di Yuwana (Iguana Soup)
Duck Blood Soup (Strybl)
Fruit Bat Soup
Pigs' Ears Salad
Spider Salad
Hairball Salad with Saliva Dressing
Banana Worm Bread
Swamp Water Punch
Swamp Water Punch with the
Floating Arm of Death
Spam Shake
Bloody Eyeballs on the Rocks
Ralph's Retch
The Perfect Martini
Ghoul-Ade Over Gopher Guts
Swamp Water Punch with Floating Arm of Death
Main Dishes
Fried Beaver Tail
Authentic Texas Beef Jerky
Louisiana Sweet Fish Pie
Blackened Turkey
Crow Casserole
Savoury Seal Hearts
Cockentrice ( A Marvelous Beast)
Barbecued Bear
The Beloved (Dreaded?) Haggis
Seal Brain Fritters
Three Possum Recipes
Briscoe Darling's Hoot Owl Pie
Beaver in Sour Cream
Bar-b-qued Moose
Tuna Twinkie Soufflé
Homemade Maggot Stew
Roast Polar Bear
Duck Webs in Oyster Sauce
Calico Bear & Bearinades
Stuffed Moose Heart
Cow Lung Recipes
Opossum Sausage
Ant Brood Tacos
Whole Stuffed Camel
Fried Cow Udder
Lust Burgers
Food at Olympics
Some food available at the Beijing Olympics
More Main Dishes
Baked Seal Flippers with Vegetables
18 Wheeler's Delight
Bear Stew a l'Espagnole
Snouts & Beans
Pasta Al Cioccolato in Dolce-Forte
Hog Jowls and Collard Greens in Sauce Blanc avec Truffles et Buerre
Fillet of Whale with Mushroom Sauce
Tiller Rattlesnake Surprise
Fried Green Tomato Hornworms
Hawaiian Caribou
Stuffed Pig's Stomach
Penis Stew
Three Crow Recipes
Fried Woodchuck (Groundhog)
Moose Sukiyaki
Snails, From Your Garden to Your Table
French Fried Skunk
Sweet Pickled Beaver
Scooter Schmillowitz's Pork Rind Fondue
Mountain or Prairie Oysters
Natural Treat (Earthworms)
green worm
Yet More Main Dishes
Canadian Lynx Stew
Crisp Roasted Pig's Head
Mrs. Talmadge's Roast Possum
Oysters auf Deutschland
Irish Haggis
Elephant Stew
Cowboy Stew
Roadkill Squirrel Squares
Woodchuck with Biscuits
Whale Bobotee
Stuffed Squid with Chocolate Sauce
Texas Rattlesnake
Curried Kangaroo Tail
British Bull Balls
Dinkum Chili
Baked Cod Tongues
Smothered Muskrat and Onions
Barbecued Raccoon
Side Dishes
Chunky Cat Barf
Mealworm Fried Rice
Yorkshire (Terrier) Pudding

Eel Ice Cream from Japan
Kitty Litter Cake
Deep Shit Cookies
Chicken Noodle Pistachio Pound Cake
North Carolina Canker Worm Sorbet
Japanese Ice Creams
Road Kill Cake
Hamster Cage Leftovers
Snowman's Balls
Creepy Witch's Fingers
Monster Q-Tips
Dirt Cake
Drunken Rum Cake
Sex in a Pan
*****'s Favourite Mud Cake
Bug Blox
Sanguinaccio Dolce (Blood Chocolate Pudding)
California Spamoni Sorbet
Garlic Ice Cream
The Famous Neiman Marcus $250 Cookie Recipe
Chocolate Chirpie Chip Cookies
Dave's Horseradish
Beaver Information
Basic Preparation of Pig Heads, Feet, Tails, Ears and Snouts
World's 9 Worst Convenience Foods
Ant Venom Gumdrops
Buzzard's Breath Barbecue Sauce
Chocolate Armpit Hair
Cooking Rats and Mice
Various Halloween Recipes
Hints from the Northern Cookbook
New York Entomological Society Centennial Banquet
Skinning Muskrats
Weird Food Literature
Spam Haiku
Spam Poem
The Jean-Paul Sarte Cookbook
Haggis Poem
Spam Taglines