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Gallery 157
Paintings by Various Artists
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Edward Willis Redfield, Fleecydale Road

Edward Willis Redfield
Fleecydale Road

Granville Redmond, Malibu Coast, Spring c1929

Granville Redmond
Malibu Coast, Spring c1929

May Reid, Night and Day

May Reid
Night and Day

Reiffel, Charles, Rainy Evening

Charles Reiffel
Rainy Evening

René Rimbert, Le Château du Belvédère, Isère

René Rimbert
Le Château
du Belvédère, Isère

Diego Rivera, Mujeres Peinandose

Diego Rivera
Mujeres Peinandose

Nicholas Roerich, In the Monastery

Nicholas Roerich
In the Monastery

Guy Rose, The Green Parasol

Guy Rose
The Green Parasol

Royo, Desayuno


Frederick Sandys, Mary Magdalene

Frederick Sandys
Mary Magdalene

Wilhelm Sasnal, Anka

Wilhelm Sasnal

Donna Norine Schuster, La petit dejeuner

Donna Norine Schuster
La petit dejeuner

Georges Seurat, The Seine at Courbevoie

Georges Seurat
The Seine at Courbevoie

Ben Shahn, Myself Among the Churchgoers

Ben Shahn
Myself Among
the Churchgoers

Ivan Shishkin, Midday, Countryside Near Moscow

Ivan Shishkin
Midday, Countryside
Near Moscow

Paul Signac, Concarneau, The Sardine Boat

Paul Signac
The Sardine Boat

Nicola Simbari, Sunbathing

Nicola Simbari

Alfred Sisley, Canal du Loing a Moret

Alfred Sisley
Canal du Loing a Moret

Michael Sowa, The Bear

Michael Sowa
The Bear

Otto Stark, The Train

Otto Stark
The Train

Theodore Clement Steele, House of the Singing Winds

Theodore Clement Steele
House of the Singing Winds

Julius L. Stewart, An English Lady

Julius L. Stewart
An English Lady

Mackenzie Thorpe, Shoppers

Mackenzie Thorpe

James Tissot, The Bunch of Lilacs

James Tissot
The Bunch of Lilacs

Jan Toorop, Le Passeur d'eau

Jan Toorop
Le Passeur d'eau

Suzanne Valadon, Woman with White Stockings

Suzanne Valadon
Woman with White Stockings

Henry Van de Velde, Childhood Landscape

Henry Van de Velde
Childhood Landscape

F. H. Varley, Studio Door

F. H. Varley
Studio Door

Jan Vermeer, Seated at Virginals

Jan Vermeer
Seated at Virginals

Maurice Vlaminck, Portrait of a Woman

Maurice Vlaminck
Portrait of a Woman

Robert Vonnoh, Sunlit Hillside

Robert Vonnoh
Sunlit Hillside

Mikhail Vrubel, Girl Against a Persian Carpet Background

Mikhail Vrubel
Girl Against a
Persian Carpet Background

William Wendt, The Old and the New

William Wendt
The Old and the New

Theodore Wores, House and Garden, Saratoga

Theodore Wores
House and Garden, Saratoga

Zhaoming Wu, Breezy Day

Zhaoming Wu
Breezy Day

Zhuo S. Liang, Nude

Zhuo S. Liang

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