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Lawren S. Harris
Canadian, Member of The Group of Seven, 1885 - 1979
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The Red House The Red House
Abstraction Abstraction
Lake and Mountains Lake and Mountains
North Labrador North Labrador
Dr. Salem Bland Dr. Salem Bland
House in the Ward House in the Ward
Lake Superior Lake Superior
The Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior The Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior
Icebergs and Mountains, Greenland Icebergs and Mountains, Greenland
Tamarack Swamp Tamarack Swamp
Mount Robson Mount Robson
Clouds, Lake Superior Clouds, Lake Superior
Isolation Peak Isolation Peak
Lake Superior Lake Superior
Mount Lefroy Mount Lefroy
Grey Day in Town Grey Day in Town
Maligne Lake, Jasper Park Maligne Lake, Jasper Park
Northern Lake II Northern Lake II
The Corner Store The Corner Store
Abstraction Abstraction


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