Winners of Contest 22

Contest 22
1st Prize (15 Seconds of Fame)
Michael Vick redeeming himself by taking on fighting horses all by himself.
2nd Prize (30 Seconds of Fame)
Choosing the final horseman for the apocalypse
3rd Prize (45 Seconds of Fame)
Jimmy's starting to think that sending Rover to the glue factory was the wrong move.
Other Entries
This is what the Oakland Raider lineman saw after he was hit by a SF 49er Cheerleader
Champion the wonderhorse had it in for the lone runner
53 (?) Skidoo??????????
Hop on, with muscles like that the Princess won't mind that you didn't stop to shower and dress.
Is That The Way To The Little Boy's Room?
Bob knew he had done a little too many steroids when the other teams quarterback turned into a wild mustang of death.
Under the Seabiscuit, Sports Edition
"First two minutes of Star Trek and I have never seen your character before... You know what that means..." said Captain Kirk while wearing yet another ill-fitting new wig and tight shirt combination.
If you're hiding a prettier mane than mine, i'm afraid i'll have to kill you
The sea was angry that day my friends...
Join the Broncos, Mark Stepnoski, we have hash-brownies
Seabiscuit and Mark Stepnoski had trouble finding the waterboy as Seabiscuit's mane was on fire from lighting up.
Who's the baddest unicorn ?
Bob soon realised he was no match to the horse
The Dark Wizard reclined in his throne on Mount Doom as he watched his creations battle it out in the Colosseum of Death.
YOU....SHALL NOT....PASS!!!!!!
There's a third person in this triad that's flaming...
The football player had too much fire in his horse
the Blindside that jesse james saw.......
Jim realised he was dreaming when his glove puppet started spitting flames from the eyes
Bert Christensen thanked his guard horse for protecting him against people too eager to have the artwork changed at once.
Fury the caterpillar and his horse Kicky points the way to Mount Oak Land  for their new football friend.
Come on twinkle toes! Show me your best moves!" and the victor shall rule the realm!!!
The Raider's vs. The Colts - Literally1
John Madden's horse took some mescaline and entered 'The Doors of Perception'
Some can raise the game to insane levels.
Don't be mad at me! Why would YOU get the Ms. Clairol sponsorship when you wear a helmet all game long?
Dancing with the Stars HUH eat your heart out!
Horse play was a big sport on the planet Zirgon.
'Pweepy- Beepy -Boopie - Bink -Bink'
Get me to the church on time!   Hi hoe Bullet!
No I will not look behind me, I don't believe there is a giant, glowing pile of purple poo
Troy realized too late that the stallion was in his mating season and had set his eyes on him: No matter how fast he was, he could not outrun a horse. Consequently, a new tight end had to be found to finish the game.
4th and goal, er, creepy castle for the demon horse, but Johnny is going to save the day....and THE UNIVERSE.
Poor John, finding his steriods to fall flat, widened his spectrum of drug use until he abruptly closed it after a particularly horrible pre-game dose of acid.
Poor John would have given up football early on had he known that the terrain would be so rough and the mascots so violent.
With the Matterhorn in the background, it wasn't clear if it was the Broncos or the Raiders who would in the Superbowl and go to Disneyland.
Without hesitation,  the ball player came to the rescue when the cat attacked the horse's head. He would later regret not having put on his long sleeves this morning.
Lot's wife looked back towards Sodom and Gomorrah's pillar of salt and turned into a fiery maned horse... or am I getting this backward?
The Id : Stallion + Purple phallus = Football Star
Bruno struggled with his dreams of Bucky until he descovered football.
These eyebrows need trimming? Really?  Let me help you with that since you can't reach that spot.
Hey! I thought we said we would not wear helmets for today's game?
Turns out the language barrier became a problem when Shawne Merriman tried to order horse trainquilisers from a Mexican website, instead he got 10 vials of horse disguisers
This was not what Running Helmet expected...the ancestors could not tell him what the purple mountain meant. With more payote maybe the vision would be more clear. 
The football team needed a new mascot. Sadly, the horse did not like football very much
Long, Space Mountain, Donkey Punch...BREAK!
Last time I take acid...
Is that jersey made out of leather? I could swear it is from my mother's hide. She had this distinctive birthmark in the shape of a 53 in three places
Black Stallion may have been outmuscled thanks to the steroids Sammy had been using, but those same steroids caused the ballplayer to lose in the virility department. The contest was decided when Sammy chose Paper over the horse's only option of Rock.
Washrooms? Right there over in the corner.
He knew the Colts got new helmets, but where did those flaming eye-thigys come from, and that weird goal area?
No really... I just want to go to the mountain and get some chips
This was the only way the NFL could appeal to today's youth.

Oh my god, i've never seen a bush so red.
 Quick! hide in the mountain.

Rocky 10....Coming Soon
I love it when we role play!!!
If you don't mind, I'm kicking your ass up there on top of Purple Mountain, you sanctimonious, steroid charged, Superbowl stud.
Hall (of Fame) and Oates
Trey felt a little out of place in this new land, but was determined to stay focused on the game.
The choice of a stud to play Tiger Woods was a bit questionable but Tony Romo playing himself was perfect in the movie "Showdown Over Jessica".
:Wearing his Saint Christopher medal for good luck, Tom surfs away from the giant purple pile, only to encounter Flicka the flaming. 
The only chance the Raiders actually had against the Colts this year.
When Coach said they were animals I thought he was just using and adjective!!!
The defense of Mount Doom
While his fantasy of wrestling a black stallion was getting harder and harder to control, Lance was finding it difficult to keep his head in the game.
The divine tackler
Trust me Frank, lay off the roids
As if being drafted to the Flaming Asses, a team that played all of their games in underwater mountain ranges wasn't bad enough, George kept getting harassed by the team mascot, who took his job way too seriously.
Steroids had ROMO really angry at the Broncos
This must be what Fantasy Football really is.
The Magic Kingdom melts. The Black Stallion self-combusts. And Oakland wins the Super Bowl!
: 'STOP! Horse medecine is only for horses, buddy, so you are NOT "getting some of that action", as you said.'
"Out to Stud" - the life and times of Lyle Alzedo
He-Man donned his football gear as he rushed towards his foe - and behold! the steed what frightened and Skeletor was unhorsed!
NFL European expansion was out, Interspecies league was in. Unfortunately, the league directors would change their mind halfway through the pre-season games and miss out on a large pay-per-view windfall.
Mr. Ed was going to regret asking whose stash of hallucinogen was piled over on the sidelines.
Yeah, those rumors about drug abusing professional athletes are waaaaaay overblown.  
Tony Romo should not have shared steroids with his girlfriend Jessica.  Now she would have to explain her slight weight gain to the world.
When worlds collide - the Bronco Right tackle scoffs at the linebacker - and the Dark Lord smiles.
"Out to Stud" - Lyle Alzedo's steroid induced dream.
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