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Isaak Levitan
Russian, 1860 - 1900
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Autumn Autumn
Spring Flood Spring Flood
Autumn Day, Sokolniky Autumn Day, Sokolniky
March March
Fog, Autumn Fog, Autumn
Golden Autumn Golden Autumn
The Vladimirka Road The Vladimirka Road
Silence Silence
On the Volga On the Volga 
Fresh Wind, the Volga River  Fresh Wind, the Volga River  
Sunny Day  Sunny Day  
Meadow on the Forest's Edge  Meadow on the Forest's Edge  
The Lake  The Lake  
Evening Bells  Evening Bells  


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The paintings exhibited in this gallery are courtesy of Victor Potoskouev of Moscow, Russia. Please visit his Isaak Levitan site and another of his sites, The Russian Art Gallery  which has more paintings by Russian artists 

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